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Exploring the potential of one-dimensional van der Waals material V2PS10/carbon composite: An anode design paradigm for lithium-ion batteries(opens in new tab/window) Sun, Jichang | Liu, Chuanbang | Zheng, Penglun | Chaturvedi, Apoorva | Nam, Ki-Hun | Li, Zhifa | et al. Next Materials 21st October 2023

Highly conductive anion-exchange membrane based on poly(acenaphthylenyl aryl piperidinium) π-π self-assembly(opens in new tab/window) Zhao, Jialin | Li, Na | Wang, Song | Wang, Yan | Lei, Yijia | Wu, Jingyi | et al. Next Energy 20th October 2023

Room-temperature direct regeneration of spent LiFePO4 cathode using the external short circuit strategy(opens in new tab/window) Li, Chenglei | Du, Hao | Kang, Yuqiong | Zhao, Yun | Tian, Yao | Wozny, John | et al. Next Sustainability 17th October 2023

Carbon capture and utilization via electrochemistry, what’s next?(opens in new tab/window) Pei, Yuhou | Zhang, Bing | Lu, Yingying Next Nanotechnology 13th October 2023

Evaluation of the electrical properties of carbon electrodes developed with bio-material additions as a sacrificial anode in cathodic protection(opens in new tab/window) RAJI, Sadiq Abiola | POPOOLA, Abimbola Patricia Idowu | OLORUNTOBA, Daniel Toyin Next Materials 18th October 2023

Dynamic thermal radiation regulation for thermal management(opens in new tab/window) Guo, Na | Zhao, Ziying | Yan, Hongjie | Chen, Meijie Next Energy 17th October 2023

Sustainable strategic materials recovery, what’s next?(opens in new tab/window) Anastopoulos, Ioannis | Bontempi, Elza | Coccia, Mario | Quina, Margarida | Shaaban, Muhammad Next Sustainability 12th October 2023

Towards the next generation nanorobots(opens in new tab/window) Chen, Guoxiang | Zhu, Fenyang | Gan, Alexandra S.J. | Mohan, Brij | Dey, Krishna K. | Xu, Kailiang | et al. Next Nanotechnology 29th September 2023

Ground-facing radiative cooling for high power LED lights(opens in new tab/window) Dang, Saichao | Tian, Yanpei | Almahfoudh, Hasan H. | Song, Haomin | Bakr, Osman M. | Ooi, Boon S. | et al. Next Energy 17th October 2023

Application of hydrogel for energy storage and conversion(opens in new tab/window) Wang, Hao | Zhao, Weiwei Next Materials 14th October 2023

Demographic dividend and environmental sustainability: The mediation effects of economic growth, ICT, foreign direct investment, and urbanization(opens in new tab/window) Nguea, Stéphane Mbiankeu Next Sustainability 12th October 2023

Electrolyte additives toward practical aqueous zinc-ion batteries: recent advances and future challenges(opens in new tab/window) Zheng, Zhi | Li, Jing | Pan, Yuqi | Yu, Yanxi | Zhu, Di | Prabowo, Justin | et al. Next Energy 17th October 2023

Evolving electromechanical properties of defect engineered Pb(Zr,Ti)O3-based piezoceramics(opens in new tab/window) Ju, Min | Shen, Binglin | Fan, Wenying | Wang, Junjie | Dou, Zhongshang | Chen, Binjie | et al. Next Materials 14th October 2023

Roadmap to reduce the direct effects of climate change on building performance; A case study applied to the top 8 deserts and top 8 coldest regions in the world(opens in new tab/window) Nematchoua, Modeste Kameni | Sadeghi, Mahsan | Reiter, Sigrid | Attia, Shady Next Sustainability 10th October 2023

Off-centering thermoelectrics(opens in new tab/window) Xie, Chenghao | Tang, Xinfeng | Tan, Gangjian Next Materials 13th October 2023

Reliability of tandem solar cells and modules: what's next?(opens in new tab/window) Owen-Bellini, Michael | Warren, Emily L. Next Energy 12th October 2023

Challenges for energy guidelines in crop-based liquid biofuels development in Brazil(opens in new tab/window) Gonçalves, Tiago dos S. | Oro, Carolina E.D. | Wancura, João H.C. | dos Santos, Maicon S.N. | Junges, Alexander | Dallago, Rogério M. | et al. Next Sustainability 26th September 2023

Investigation of 2D Janus Al2OS/Ga2SSe van der Waals heterojunction as next-generation thermoelectric and photocatalytic devices(opens in new tab/window) Opoku, Francis | Aniagyei, Albert | Akoto, Osei | Kwaansa-Ansah, Edward Ebow | Asare-Donkor, Noah Kyame | Adimado, Anthony Apeke Next Materials 13th October 2023

Recent advancements and next of aqueous rechargeable lithium-ion batteries(opens in new tab/window) Ren, Zhihao | Shi, Xiaoyu | Wu, Zhong-Shuai Next Energy 11th October 2023

Heterogeneous photo-oxidation in microbial inactivation: A promising technology for seawater bio-securing?(opens in new tab/window) Blanchon, Cécile | Toulza, Ève | Calvayrac, Christophe | Plantard, Gaël Next Sustainability 26th September 2023

Template-free synthesis of water-vapor stable porous 3D boron nitride(opens in new tab/window) Jähnichen, Tim | Gehrke, Laura | Rasmussen, Leon | Bläker, Christian | Pasel, Christoph | Denecke, Reinhard | et al. Next Materials 12th October 2023

Recent progress of M-N-C single atom electrocatalysts for carbon dioxide reduction reaction(opens in new tab/window) Fauzi, Akhmat | Chen, Xiaoyi | Zhao, Haogang | Cao, Sen | Kong, Lingjie | Huang, Shouying | et al. Next Energy 11th October 2023

What are the concerns with New European Bauhaus initiative? Vernacular knowledge as the primary driver toward a sustainable future(opens in new tab/window) Hu, Ming | Świerzawski, Jakub | Kleszcz, Justyna | Kmiecik, Piotr Next Sustainability 26th September 2023

Insights into the effects of oriented crystallization on the performance of quasi-two-dimensional perovskite solar cells(opens in new tab/window) Jiang, Ruixuan | Tian, Ting | Ke, Bingcan | Kou, Zongkui | Müller-Buschbaum, Peter | Huang, Fuzhi | et al. Next Materials 11th October 2023

Aprotic Li-CO2 batteries, what’s next?(opens in new tab/window) Zhao, Zhiwei | Peng, Zhangquan Next Energy 11th October 2023