Accelerate research with accurate manufacturer information to support purchase or synthesize decisions

Reaxys accelerates research that supports chemical R&D purchase or synthesize decisions

Providing compound information that helps pharmaceutical and chemical companies increase their earnings is a task that requires reliable sources of data. In this interview, CEO of Chemical Information Services Ernie Cote explains why his researcher team convinced him to subscribe to Reaxys as their source of synthesis and property data.

Interview with Ernie Cote of Chemical Information Services


Chemical Information Services provides critical data to facilitate synthesis-or-purchase decisions in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. CIS researchers require reliable data about real synthesis pathways and compounds that can actually be purchased. Their work depends on quick retrieval of relevant information from granted patents and peer-reviewed journals about experimental chemistry. Prophetic compounds and calculated properties are not interesting to them.


CEO Ernie Cote explains that Chemical Information Services is dedicated to providing their clients with accurate manufacturer information. They discovered that Reaxys is the best source of relevant information for real synthesis pathways and the properties of compound that actually exist. Since delivers more information in less time, it saves them considerable time, and the focus on granted patents and experimental data perfectly aligns with their needs.

Interview with Ernie Cote, CEO of CIS - Reaxys

Reaxys is one of the best tools our research team has found for chemistry research — they can use it anywhere and know that they’re getting accurate, up-to-date information.

Ernie Cote, CEO of Chemical Information Services


Mr. Cote is convinced that his researchers' decision to choose Reaxys was a sound one. They demonstrated that Reaxys cuts their research time by 70%. He and his team are convinced that Reaxys delivers accurate, current and relevant information. Their business depends on them remaining up-to-date and they're satisfied that they're in good hands with Reaxys.

Reaxys cuts our research time by 70%.

Ernie Cote, CEO of Chemical Information Services

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