Stanson Health CDS & Analytics

Decision Support at the Point of Care

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Embedded into your Epic electronic medical records (EMR), Stanson Health CDS & Analytics:

  • Helps to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful medical treatment
  • Incorporates patient data and cross-references against the database
  • Offers immediate, highly specific guidance to physicians
  • Pinpoint analytics of every physician order to evaluate performance, impact physician order habits, and ultimately improve overall patient care quality.

Stanson Alerts

To ensure accuracy and effectiveness, the content in Stanson Alerts is implemented and tested in a live, clinical environment to refine and optimise alerts. It continues to be updated as new information is available and best practices evolve.

  • Stanson Alerts integrates more than 180 interventions; covering 70 percent of the Choosing Wisely® recommendations
  • Evidence-based care guidelines developed by physicians for physicians operationalised into the workflow
  • Widely recommended clinical decision support at the point of care
  • Developed to promote doctor-patient conversations, ensuring that the right care is delivered at the right time
  • Choosing Wisely® alerts are designed to help physicians deliver care

Stanson Analytics

The Stanson Analytics offer useful data that create transparency around every physician order. It provides actionable data on every physician order with detailed, high-level dashboards already built-in:

  • Understand alert frequency
  • Evaluate physician performance,
  • Positively impact physician order habits
  • Have productive conversations with physician outliers
  • Create improvement within a specific department
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Enable meaningful change in order habits to positively impact care

There are no additional resources or time needed to build customised reports, because all reports and dashboards are included.

In partnership with Elsevier

Stanson has partnered with Elsevier to introduce this new product. Elsevier is the name healthcare professionals can trust for the solutions they need to make better decisions and deliver better care.

For more than 100 years, Elsevier has been focused on empowering healthcare professionals to advance outcomes through access to world-class content; providing the knowledge to make accurate, cost-effective clinical decisions; and integrating with clinical workflows and EMR systems to make a positive impact on all stages of patient care. Stanson Health CDS & Analytics complements the Elsevier Clinical Solutions delivering order sets, care planning and documentation, and drug decision support.