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It is an exciting time to work at Elsevier. Join us to change the course of knowledge exchange, discovery and decision. Our expertise and innovation shapes everything we do, from the amazing technology that drives our leading edge platforms to the cutting-edge content that fuels them.

Be a part of a team that helps its customers create the future. We build the technology that unlocks the value of content in health, science and technology - working amongst the best minds in the business makes all the difference.

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"Elsevier has offered me the perfect combination: I have been trained to work in a technology-oriented corporation while remaining in close contact with academia.”

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Our stories - a glimpse into what life at Elsevier is really like

Justin Mytton photograph
What we’re doing makes a genuine difference in a lot of people’s lives in terms of the people doing the research.... — Justin Mytton
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Kelechi Okere photograph
For me, Elsevier stands for the advancement of science, but also so much more than that.. — Kelechi Okere
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Caroline Jones photograph
Elsevier understood that my family was important and they were more than willing to work around that. — Caroline Jones
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Ian Evans photograph
Working at Elsevier puts you right in the centre of the world of science and technology. — Ian Evans
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Alicia SoSo photograph
I like working for a global company that gives you the opportunity to move around, see different places... — Alicia SoSo
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Wael Mansour photograph
I enjoy working for global, multinational companies because you meet different people, different cultures... — Wael Mansour
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Edith H. Aguilera photograph
I don’t see myself as just a salesperson; I see my work as contributing to really help develop a country. — Edith H. Aguilera
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Fernanda Gusmão photograph
I think it’s the diversity and the flexibility. Not only the diversity of people. I think people here... — Fernanda Gusmão
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Yoshiko Kakita photograph
What I’m doing, research management, is quite new. Our customers are changing, and we are changing.. — Yoshiko Kakita
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Najamuddin Khan photograph
What excites me most is that every day it’s a new challenge. It’s a new problem to solve, a new metric to implement .... — Najamuddin Khan
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“It's the variety of work that you get involved in.”