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VALA-2024 Conference

Explore Elsevier's Innovative Solutions

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Explore Elsevier's Innovative Solutions

Welcome to Elsevier's booth at VALA 2024 Conference!

Dive into our comprehensive collection of product brochures designed to empower librarians and inform visitors about our cutting-edge solutions. Discover how Elsevier's resources can enhance research, streamline workflows, and drive academic success.

Browse through our brochures to explore our latest offerings and find the perfect fit for your institution's needs.

Researcher Tools & Databases

From pre-prints to trusted journals and books to publisher-agnostic databases, we make research and ideas easier to discover, share, examine and apply.


  • Get the facts: Learn how ScienceDirect helps students, educators and researchers achieve their goals.

  • ScienceDirect topic pages - featured this flyer for Librarians

For more information - this website: ScienceDirect Topics pages | Elsevier

  • New Released: ScienceDirect eBook Collections 2025 Frontlist

Please fill out the form below to get your personalised quote and comprehensive information on Frontlist 2025.


Quickly find relevant and authoritative research, identify experts and gain access to reliable data, metrics and analytical tools. Be confident in advancing research, educational goals, and research direction and priorities — all from one database.

Get the facts:

Scopus AI (New)

Click the button below to view the Scopus AI factsheet. For more information, please visit Scopus AI: Trusted content. Powered by responsible AI. (

Engineering Knovel

Materials property data, technical references and interactive tools to accelerate R&D. Knovel helps you apply knowledge to provide sustainable solutions and prepare professionals and students for new engineering challenges.

  • Knovel 2024 roadmap

Engineering Village

A search and discovery platform that provides the high-quality content, data and intelligence needed to answer practical engineering questions.

Compendex on Engineering Village

Compendex is Elsevier’s flagship engineering-focused database that provides comprehensive and trustworthy content to improve research outcomes and maximize the impact of your engineering research.


Reaxys combines over a billion chemistry data points with AI to support innovation in drug discovery, chemical R&D and academia. Chemists can quickly access relevant patent, substance and bioactivity insights, and an award-winning retrosynthesis tool.

  • The partnership between Elsevier and Iktos in Reaxys Predictive Retrosynthesis

  • Reaxys 2024 roadmap is now available.

Reaxys AI

The partnership between Elsevier and Pending.AI in Reaxys Predictive Retrosynthesis


Embase is the medical research database for high-quality, comprehensive evidence

Research Analytics & Evaluation

Our Research Intelligence solutions provide quality, structured data, advanced analytics and an array of indicators and metrics that help you achieve your strategic research goals.


From fast and flexible data retrieval to its wide range of data visualization capabilities, SciVal helps institutions easily explore, analyze and report on global research.

For more information, please visit: SciVal | Research performance assessment solution | Elsevier

  • Click the button below to view SciVal factsheet.

Research & Academic Management

User-friendly and efficient platforms bring together fragmented information to assist throughout the entire research and academic management lifecycle.


Data Monitor

Data Monitor draws on millions of research data records stored in 2,000+ repositories to give your institution visibility of your entire research data output.

For more information, please visit: Data Monitor | Track and analyse your institutional research data | Elsevier



From quick answers at the point of care to leading full-text reference material, ClinicalKey delivers trusted content to support physicians, nurses, pharmacists and medical students.

For more information, please visit ClinicalKey | Elsevier

ClinicalKey for Nursing

ClinicalKey for Nursing provides comprehensive, reliable information for nurses and interprofessional teams, enabling consistent care. Working from the same trusted answers, your team will be equipped to deliver a high quality patient experience.

For more information, please visit Clinical Decision Support | ClinicalKey for Nursing | Elsevier

ClinicalKey AI

ClinicalKey AI combines trusted, evidence-based clinical content with conversational search powered by generative AI to support clinicians in delivering high-quality patient care.

For more information, please visit Trusted content. Powered by responsible AI | ClinicalKey AI (

ClinicalKey Student

ClinicalKey Student supports a unique journey for every learner by providing trusted content at the right time and level, to ultimately build practice-ready confidence in our future health professionals.

For more information, please visit Clinical Decision Support | ClinicalKey for Students and Faculty | Elsevier

ClinicalKey Student Nursing

ClinicalKey Student Nursing is an interactive learning platform providing trusted nursing content and innovative teaching and learning tools to build practice-ready confidence in future health professionals.

For more information, please visit Contact us | ClinicalKey Student Nursing | Elsevier.

Clinical Cases

Prepare students for practice with Clinical Cases. Short, interactive virtual cases that reflect authentic patient scenarios to assess and develop clinical reasoning skills.

For more information, please visit Enhance Clinical Reasoning Skills | Clinical Cases (