Oasis explanation of terms

Our reference: the unique article ID used in our production offices. This consists of the journal abbreviation followed by a number

Title: the title of the article (possibly truncated)

Corresponding author: the person to whom correspondence from Elsevier has been addressed

Received by Elsevier on: the date on which the article was entered into Elsevier's production administration
Proofs sent to author: the date on which Elsevier dispatched proofs (Note: for some journals, e.g. "Letters" journals, proofs are not sent to the author.)

Proofs received from author: the date on which Elsevier received the corrected proofs from the author

Citation information: the volume/issue number and page numbers of the article. This information can be used when referring to the paper

Scheduled publication date: scheduled date of delivery of issues by the printer to our warehouse

Published on: the date of delivery of issues by the printer to our warehouse. Please note that due to postal delays and time needed at the receiving end, it may take quite some time before the issue is actually on display in the library. (In some exceptional cases the actual publication date may differ substantially from the scheduled date).

Date of reprints dispatch: the date of reprints dispatch