Mendeley Editor Program

At Elsevier we understand that, as an editor of one of our journals, you are very busy. In addition to your own research and reputation management, you’re also tasked with keeping up with the latest research in your field, identifying potential collaborators, mentoring new Post-Docs and Ph.D’s, teaching, and let’s not forget, promoting your journals!

It’s our hope that our Mendeley Editor Program helps to simplify your life a bit and also enrich your research ambitions. Mendeley is a widely used reference management tool built on top of one of the world’s largest academic collaboration networks. A special package called “Mendeley Researcher Edition” has been created for the Mendeley Editor Program and is offered to active Editors-in-Chief of Elsevier journals.

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Mendeley Researcher Edition (MRE) allows you to do the following:

  • As a seasoned, high impact researcher, create an ‘online profile’ on Mendeley so others can discover and follow your work more easily as well as connect with others
  • As an aware researcher who wants to keep on top of the changes in your field, you can utilize the various search and proactive recommendation features such as Mendeley Suggest to alert you on latest articles, people, and groups you’ll want to know about
  • You can connect with other researchers around the world and share full-text documents (manuscript, readings, etc.) via private group. You can form public-Invite only groups to bring together small research groups to further promote and expose what you are working on. You can set up topical public groups with other researchers to generate interest about your discipline
  • As an educator, you can use Mendeley to teach your students the good basics of scholarly research from searching for information, connecting with relevant experts, creating proper citations, and promoting their work
  • As an editor, you can showcase your journal by forming a public group and inviting authors, reviewers, other editors, and interested researchers to join. This enables you to form an ongoing community in order to further promote your work

Mendeley Researcher Edition (MRE) includes the following features:

  • Personal storage: Up to 5GB
  • Team (group) storage: Up to 20GB (total)
  • Creation of private/ invite-only groups: Unlimited
  • # of collaborators in private/ invite-only groups: Up to 25 (each)
  • Access: 2016 with option to extend to 2017

Mendeley Editor Program includes the following benefits for active Elsevier Editors:

  • Free Mendeley Researcher Edition (MRE) subscription after Editor signs up
  • Access to on-line resources and tutorials and How to tutorials
  • Special email hotline for Mendeley Editor Program participants
  • Optional 30 minute 1:1 tutorial/ demonstration based on request

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