Evise FAQs for Editors

Does EVISE offer all functionality offered in EES?

We have not copied over all functionality from EES to EVISE as many EES features were not used by most journals, or with time have become out-of-date / non-optimal.  EVISE is a system that has been designed "from scratch" and it is structured and organized differently from EES. While EES was role-based, EVISE is task-based.

How are users supported, and how can users learn the system?

For all users, the EVISE self-guided e-learning tool is available. The support organization is available via our support website. With each release, a demo on the newly introduced functionality is made available in the right hand side of the e-learning welcome page, under Tools > Watch Editor Demo Video.

For editors:

  • For journals migrating from EES to EVISE, or new journals created on EVISE, the main editor, or the most appropriate editor spokesperson, will be asked to attend a journal “set-up session”. During this session,  they will have the opportunity to discuss and decide upon detailed configurations and settings, together with the publisher and journal manager, and an experienced trainer.
  • Following that set-up session, all editors will be invited to attend a training session before go-live, at a timing of their choice.
  • A test site will be available for all key handling editors to become familiar with the system before go-live.
  • For editors joining journals which have already migrated to EVISE, there will be full system training available.

To sign up for EVISE Editor Training, please click here, select the preferred language for training and then your preferred time slot. A trainer will then be in contact with further details.

Will my journal's reviewer database be migrated to EVISE?

An initial transfer of a journal's reviewer records will take place when the migration to EVISE begins. This includes reviewers' statistics, and personal keywords and personal classifications that can be searched during reviewer search. Note that the review history (the manuscripts reviewed and recommendations given by a reviewer) will not be transferred to EVISE. Editors will be able to invite reviewers as normal. When the EES site is discontinued, a final transfer will take place to ensure any newly added reviewers in EES are moved to EVISE.