The EVISE® e-learning platform is now here and accessible to all users of EVISE®!


The e-learning tool will allow Editors, Authors and Reviewers to familiarize themselves with EVISE® at their own pace, in their own time, without the need of a one-to-one session and is our preferred method of training.


To support different learning preferences, you can choose from 3 learning paths:

  • Tell me everything
  • Teach me the Essentials
  • Search

We recommend completing the Tell me Everything path if you are a first time user.


To accommodate a broad variety of users with different levels of English and computer literacy, the platform is simple and intuitive. There is one action button "NEXT" on each page, located on the right hand side.


The e-learning platform walks users through the screens that they'll use in EVISE® and features clickable "Hotspots" that provide more information on specific areas and options on the page. Short interactive learning blocks are also provided so that users can practice using EVISE®.

How do I access EVISE® e-learning?

The e-learning platform is accessed by clicking the 'Help' link when using EVISE®.

Note: the e-learning platform is not compatible with IE7 and will not function as intended. Chrome, Firefox, or IE8 and higher are recommended. You also toggle between full screen view using F11.

(If using IE, make sure that you are not working in compatibility mode as this will cause display issues. Check Tools > Compatibility View settings).