What is EVISE®?

EVISE® makes the publishing experience easier by bringing improved intelligence, communication, connections, ease, clarity and personalization. And all of this put together means that EVISE® frees up more of a researcher`s time. Find out more about EVISE®, "10 things you may not know about EVISE®".

Key features

  • Single sign on
  • Integrated plagiarism check (CrossCheck) - an automated plagiarism check through iThenticate
  • Increased reviewer finding options
  • Integration with Scopus
  • Automatic manuscript assignment
  • Full ORCID support

Communication features

  • Automatic handling of undeliverable e-mails
  • More flexible email templates
  • Support of e-mail attachments

User-friendly screens

We have created a user interface that is well laid out and easy to navigate:

  • Clean and transparent – only displays what is needed
  • Easy to follow workflows for authors and reviewers
  • Editors are automatically directed to appropriate information per workflow
  • Tasks are grouped into their editorial context and therefore easy to manage
  • Consistent interface and user interaction to minimize training needs

We incorporate user feedback by executing a user research programme to deliver attractive, functional and intuitive screens.

Typical editor menu

Benefits for users

For all EVISE® users:

  • Single sign-on - A user only needs to register once in EVISE® and can then navigate across journals and roles in EVISE®.
  • User homepage – no need to toggle between separate author, reviewer and editor roles to view your current assignments
  • Integrated e-mail and communication tools, - users only have one system to use
  • Overview of personal tasks, for all roles, for all journals

For Authors:

  • Simplified submission process - EVISE® features a simple 4-step submission process
  • Visual timelines for an instant view on workflow stage and status for each manuscript
  • Linking to ORCIDs and capturing co-author ORCIDs

For Reviewers:

  • Linked to Scopus for seamless access to abstracts and citation data
  • Online annotation - reviewers can make annotations directly onto the online view of a manuscript generated by EVISE®, as well entering comments in the traditional way
  • Automated reference linking using CrossRef
  • Reviewers are notified about final decisions on manuscripts they have reviewed

For Editors:

  • Automatic manuscript assignment ensures accuracy and saves time
  • Linked to Scopus for seamless access to abstracts and citation data
  • Journal overview with inbuilt search and Excel reporting
  • Manuscript overview for all submissions - each submission will have its own dedicated homepage from which Editors will be able to take all relevant actions, such as making an editorial decision, inviting reviewers, or sending a reminder.
  • Visual timelines for an instant view on manuscript workflow stage and status
  • Visualized reviewer status
  • More Invite Reviewer options - Editors can search for Reviewers in the entire EVISE® reviewer database or using the integrated Find Reviewers tool. More options will be made available in future releases.
  • Integrated Plagiarism Check - plagiarism detection software (provided by iThenticate) is automatically run on new submissions.
  • Automated reference linking using CrossRef
  • Adjustable communication templates save time while allowing for personal messages.

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