Young Publishers conference #SYPC13 to focus on a changing industry

Event to introduce new and aspiring professionals to various facets of publishing and how to hone their job search

The agenda of the annual Society of Young Publishers Conference November 23 is intended to help new and aspiring professionals to meet the challenges of a changing and competitive industry.

The traditional roles in publishing, including editorial, marketing, design and production, are no longer determined only by ideas of "what feels right" for the market. A successful product launch nowadays is more determined by data, consumer insight, timing and presence (both in print and online) rather than a gut feeling. Readers and authors demand more from publishers at every point in a book's lifecycle, and the industry, in turn, is demanding more from every new hire.

SYP Conference

  • When: November 23, 2013, 8:30 am to 4 pm
  • Where: Main Theatre of Oxford Brookes University in the UK
  • Cost: The cost to attend for a working professional is £40 (€50 or $65), including membership renewal. The cost for a student is £35 (€40 or $55), including membership.
  • Registration: Register online.
  • Twitter: Follow the conversation or ask a question on Twitter with the hashtag #SYPC13

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SYP speakersFor more information, visit theSYP Conference website


As the pace of technological development quickens, a keen understanding of digital opportunities and the ability to exploit current business models in innovative ways have become critical for young professionals hoping for a successful career in today's competitive environment.

So what is a young publisher to do?

The conference, titled "Life in Publishing: It's more than just books (and Tumblr)," will explore the critical topics all seasoned, new and aspiring professionals need to consider in the early stages of their careers. Delegates will have the opportunity to listen to and exchange ideas directly with a range of established professionals and hear a variety of insider views on what changes are driving the industry forward.

We expect it to attract up to 300 publishing professionals at various stages in their careers, as well as post-graduate students looking for that all-important contact and the chance to get an insider's view of the industry.

With over 20 confirmed speakers from across the industry, and more being added in the coming weeks, the organizing committee has paid special attention to ensure the program will feature fresh voices from those areas in publishing that are increasingly exerting influence in the boardroom. A variety of big- and small-trade and academic presses, and digital specialists, including mobile and web development, will present seminars on the latest developments in tablets, e-readers, understanding consumer behavior, and using social tools in the workplace -- and coping with those times when nothing goes right.

The keynote speaker will be Youngsuk "YS" Chi, Chairman of Elsevier and Director of Corporate Affairs for Reed Elsevier.

Often, conferences of this caliber come with a prohibitively high price tag for young professionals. In this case, costs have been minimized by a sponsorship program made possible by financial and in-kind support. To help encourage students, and those currently seeking work in the industry, we do offer a lower ticket price of £35 (€40 or $55) including the cost of joining the SYP. For those currently employed, the price of a ticket is £40 (€50 or $65), which also includes the price for an annual membership.

For those who are new or seeking their first entry point into the industry, this year's conference will provide the opportunity to be introduced to the basic functions of a publishing house, discover whether an independent company or a large multi-national offers  a better fit for their ambitions and receive guidance on perfecting their resume and preparing for that all-important first interview.

If you are unable join the conference in Oxford directly, you can follow online through our live conference blog and Twitter updates using the hashtag #sypconf13 and #SYPC13. Everyone will have the chance to join in the conversation of what matters most to publishing and how a new generation will help shape the industry for decades to come.

While the book will never die, you can be sure it will be accessed in more ways and places than ever before.[divider]

SYP website

The Society of Young Publishers

The Society of Young Publishers (SYP) is a UK-based nonprofit organization that facilitates networking opportunities, holds regular themed social events and encourages communication within the publishing community. Its mission is to help members extend their knowledge about the industry they work in. Established in 1949, the organization now has four branches – in London, Oxford, North/Midlands and Scotland – each offering their own services and events.[divider]

The Author

Jonathan DavisJonathan Davis(@canadiancat) is a Multimedia Producer in Elsevier's Oxford office and is the organizer of this year's SYP Conference. At Elsevier, he oversees the development of a variety of digital products. On social media, you can find him sharing his thoughts on publishing, posting pictures on Instagram and obsessing over his true passion road cycling. That is, of course, when he's not out on the road or in the velodrome, going quickly round and round in circles.

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