Women in STEM: Rosario Garcia de Zuniga, Co-Founder and CTO of Headliner

Turning a childhood passion for computer games into a lucrative career


Rosario Garcia de Zuniga talks about how the many hours she spent as a child playing computer games made her realize that technology could be fun. So studying computer science at university was a natural way of turning that passion into a career. After happy years helping to build global research platform Mendeley, she went on to become founder and CTO of her own technology start-up: Headliner.


Elsevier Connect Contributor

Alice Atkinson-BonasioAlice Atkinson-Bonasio (@alicebonasio) is PR and Communications Manager for Mendeley, the name of the company and its research collaboration platform and workflow tool that was acquired by Elsevier in April 2013. She holds an MA in creative and media enterprises from the University of Warwick and is completing a PhD in online marketing at Bournemouth University. She is based in Mendeley's London office.

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