New website has tips and training for early career researchers

Early Career Resources center on features downloadable guides, video interviews and training webcasts for career development

At Elsevier, we know researchers care deeply about their work. They want their research to be accessible, highly-cited, globally visible and impactful in their field. To accomplish this, they need multiple skill sets.

Of the more than 3 million research articles written each year, only half will end up being published in an international peer-reviewed journal. The good news is, there are ways to improve writing skills and increase the chances of getting high-quality research published.

Early Career Resources on features a broad mix of training tools, including inspiring video interviews with professors, career planning guides and recommended reading.

These resources have been designed to support researchers across disciplines and improve their impact early in their academic career. Topics include career planning and funding, successful research writing, networking, mastering social media, ethics in research and publishing and search and discovery tools.

Highlights include:

  • A training and workshops area where you can to listen to webcasts and get useful "crib sheets" to guide you along your academic career journey.
  • Downloadable guides and recommended reading on a wide range of topics, including building an academic website and writing papers for publication.

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Gwen HolstegeGwen Holstege is Researcher Relations Manager for Elsevier. Her portfolio of relations and communications projects supports early career researchers, journal editors, authors and reviewers. She is responsible for the Early Career Resources center on, among other key areas, where she aims to improve Elsevier's services and connections with the wider community through online events and other innovative web services.

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