Webinar: 3 critical steps to building a professional identity as a researcher

For librarians interested in conducting research – and any researcher who wants to learn how to promote and measure the impact of their research

Library Connect webinar: Building a professional identify

To understand the perspective of her reclusive neighbor Boo Radley, Scout posited that “just standing on the Radley porch was enough.”

Although the Mockingbird metaphor may be a stretch, today’s librarians working with researchers would argue that it is not enough to stand on the sidelines of research; to comprehend the demands of establishing a research career and identity, it’s far better to jump in with both feet, or at least test the waters.

To participate in the webinar

The webinar is on Thursday, April 16, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EDT (16-17 BST | 17-18 CEST). Register here.


Live tweeting

Follow @Library_Connectand @ElsevierConnect on Twitter and use the hashtag #LCwebinar during the event for live conversations.

Submitting questions for the panel

Questions for the panel can be submitted through the webinar interface, or through Twitter using the hashtag #LCwebinar.

Conducting research can be richly rewarding in terms of career development, institutional enrichment, and understanding the needs and pressures of library users. Many librarians and information professionals have a dual role with respect to research: leading their own research or participating on a research team, and advising other researchers on achieving research impact.

For this webinar – Building a professional identity: from research to impact – our presenters will explore three critical facets of managing a research career and reputation:

  1. How to approach a research project
  2. How to promote your research
  3. How to measure the impact of research

Topics include:

  • Why should librarians conduct their own research?
  • Librarians Do Research Too! — how to get started on a research project
  • Tips to hone your writing for the audience
  • Keywords, subheadings and captions for SEO
  • Using social channels such as Mendeley, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • The key benefits of a personalized metrics dashboard

The webinar is part of Elsevier's Library Connect program for academic, medical, corporate and government librarians.


The presenters

Carol Tenopir, Chancellor’s Professor, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Carol Tenopir is the author of five books and more than 200 journal articles, and is a frequent speaker at professional conferences. Her areas of teaching and research include: information access and retrieval, electronic publishing, the information industry, online resources, and the impact of technology on reference librarians and scientists.

Manon Burger, Marketing Communications Project Manager, Elsevier Journals. Manon Burger is responsible for services for early career researchers and has developed and led presentations for Elsevier’s Publishing Connect webinar series for authors. She also writes for Authors’ Update and Elsevier Connect providing authors with insight into how to maximize the impact of their work.

Wouter Haak, Vice President of Product Strategy, Elsevier. Wouter Haak oversees the strategy for Elsevier products that touch the researcher, including Scopus, ScienceDirect and Mendeley. The department’s overall aim is to leverage technology to improve research outcomes by building solutions on top of content.


Elsevier Connect Contributor

Colleen DeLoryColleen DeLory is Editor of the Library Connect Newsletter (@library_connect) and The Academic Executive Brief (@acadexecbrief). Before joining Elsevier in 2010, she worked in communications positions at the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University, where she started a faculty/staff news website. Her goal with Library Connect is to provide a forum in which librarians from around the world can share their thinking on broad and systemic issues, as well as practical, hands-on advice based on their own challenges and successes.

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