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Sharing knowledge in a fragmented field

Elsevier publishes 26 percent of the world's scientific literature in the field of water resources, helping experts share knowledge of today's most sophisticated methods and technologies while understanding the underlying issues that affect the water supply.

For example, the new journal Water Resources & Economics addresses the financial and economic dimensions affecting the use of water resources, be it water extraction, pollution or allocation, across different economic sectors like agriculture, energy, industry and urban water supply as well as between local, regional and transboundary river basins.

Christiane Barranguet, PhDDr. Christiane Barranguet, Executive Publisher of Aquatic Sciences at Elsevier, explained that in order to boost efficiency, augment supply and create new technologies for water reuses, "water and wastewater research topics need to be shared and evaluated in a discussion forum (for) all the different players in the field of water research, ranging from microbiologists to engineers, city planners and policy makers."

She said Elsevier continuously looks for new partnerships "to develop water from a highly fragmented field of research to an integrated scientific discipline":

  • By collaborating closely with the principal players in the generation, dissemination and policy applications of water.
  • By working with scientific institutes, societies, industry and NGOs.
  • By organizing conferences, webinars and innovative competitions
  • By providing scientists in developing countries with free or low-cost access to the latest water research.


Report profiles the water research landscape and the key players in the field

It was produced by Elsevier and the Stockholm International Water Institute, based on the analysis of Scous citation data by Elsevier's SciVal Analytics team

The Water and Food NexusThe Water and Food Nexus: Trends and Development of the Research Landscape analyzes the major trends in water and food-related article output at international, national and institutional levels. The research report was produced by Elsevier in collaboration with the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), and it's based on the analysis of Scopus citation data by Elsevier's SciVal Analytics team.

The aim of this report is to provide a transparent view of the water research landscape and the key players in the field, which is becoming more dynamic, complex and, in some places, fragmented. The report shows that water research is growing in new places and becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, where collaboration is a key factor in producing high impact research.

It was released at the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm in August.  To view or download the report, click here.


Elsevier's Aquatic Sciences portal has info on journals, books, workshops and more

Elsevier Aquatic Sciences Portal


Elsevier to launch 4 new water resources journals

It is now widely recognized that the world is dealing with a water crisis. The issue is high on the agenda for politicians, environmental managers and policy makers. Consequently, the water resources field is now one of the fastest growing in the world. Previously, studies were largely confined to the environmental sciences. The rapid expansion in the field has meant that, more recently, economics, social sciences and integrated resource management have increased in importance. To reflect this, Elsevier are launching a package of four journals covering key aspects of the discipline:

  • Water Resources & Economics
  • Water Resources & Industry
  • Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology
  • Water Resources and Rural Development

Visit the page below to learn more:


Water Research focuses on water quality and its management

Water Research

This is the official journal of the International Water Association

Water Research is an international journal for researchers interested in water quality and its management. It publishes original research on treatment processes for municipal, agricultural and industrial water and waste waters, water quality standards and analysis by chemical, physical and biological methods.

Published by Elsevier, Water Research is the official journal of the International Water Association (IWA). The Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Mark van Loosdrecht, winner of the 2012 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize for his breakthrough contributions in creating sustainable solutions in the field of wastewater treatment. Read more ...

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Laurie March 22, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Thanks so much for showing these. It is wonderful to see how Elsevier is helping to change the world in a positive way. Restore my faith in the corporate world. The issue around water resources is HUGE. Living in the Great Lakes area, where we are blessed with a fresh water supply, it is easy to forget much of the world struggles with water resources.

Christiane Barranguet March 25, 2013 at 8:34 am

Thanks for your encouragement, Laurie. We are striving to make a significant contribution to the International Year for water Cooperation.