Watch ‘Librarians & Applied Research’ webinar and read the Storify

Presenters were three chemistry PhDs; their slides are available to download

On March 13, three chemistry PhDs presented a Library Connect webinar on "Librarians supporting applied research and discipline-specific researchers." The focus was on chemistry in anticipation of the national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Dallas, which started on Sunday.

Dr. Oliver Renn of ETH Zurich described how researchers' expectations for library services begin with a foundation of content. He elaborated on the layers of support, including e-infrastructure, e-services, databases, text and data mining, information retrieval, and knowledge discovery.

Having led both corporate and academic libraries, he described how this support would vary depending on whether the researcher was in a corporate or academic setting.

He concluded with some excellent ideas for engaging with students and researchers, such as 10-minute coffee lectures and an internal magazine.

Drawing from a 50-year career as a researcher and professor, Dr. Jan Reedijk of Leiden University discussed the basic research needs librarians must meet. Further, he looked at how these needs might change depending on the career stage of the student, scholar or researcher. He identified a growing need to understand issues around copyright and plagiarism, as well as for new services such as setting up and maintaining an institutional repository, tracking altmetrics and helping researchers establish online profiles.

To conclude the program, the University of Michigan's Dr. Ye Li discussed the implications for academic libraries of the growth in applied research in academia. She began by describing how the library is well suited to this new role with its core expertise in finding, evaluating and managing information, data and knowledge, and in making connections between people, resources and organizations. She examined services offered throughout the university to support applied research and the challenges facing the library, such as working with vendors regarding academic versus nonacademic use of subscription products.[divider]


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