Video: Building scientific publishing in Tanzania

Dr. Leonard Mboera, Editor of the Tanzanian Journal of Health Research, on publishing research, building networks and accessibility of research

What is coming out of research in this country is not that adequate. It does not reflect what is being done. We have contributed a lot, especially in the health research arena. … There is a need to build a culture for scientists to publish.

Those are the words of Dr. Leonard Mboera, Chief Research Scientist and Director of Information Technology and Communication at the National Institute for Medical Research in Tanzania and Editor of the Tanzanian Journal of Health  Research.

Dr. Mboera explains the difficulties in publishing research and accessibility of research in Tanzania. Despite a great deal of local research, a publishing and professional networking culture for scientists is lacking. These are also some of the issues that Elsevier Foundation Publishers  without Borders volunteers have tackled during their month-long training visits to Tanzania in the past year.

TZAP – or Strengthening Tanzanian Publishing –  is a collaboration between the Elsevier Foundation, VSO (Voluntary  Services Overseas), INASP  (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications) and the Tanzanian Commission for  Science and Technology (COSTECH). It aims to reinforce the Tanzanian research and publishing ecosystem by working with academics and publishers in the field.  “The knowledge sharing we do in our workshops will hopefully help to create a better-organized publishing industry in Tanzania,”  said Elsevier Pubilshing Director Dr. Charon  Duermeijer, who shared  her volunteer experience in Elsevier  Connect.

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Josina LeguitJosina Leguit is a Corporate Responsibility  intern for the Elsevier Foundation. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and is finishing her master's degree in International Development Studies at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

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