Upcoming webinar: Librarians & #altmetrics: tools, tips and use cases

Alternative metrics – or altmetrics – are becoming an integral tool to assess the impact and reach of academic research. Tracking social and online outlets, altmetrics provide quick feedback from a wide range of sources.

In a webinar on Thursday, February 20, experts will discuss the practical application of altmetrics. ...

Alternative metrics – or altmetrics – are becoming an integral tool to assess the impact and reach of academic research. Tracking social and online outlets, altmetrics provide quick feedback from a wide range of sources.

In a webinar on Thursday, February 20, titled Librarians & altmetrics: Tools, tips and use cases, experts will discuss the practical application of altmetrics. Topics include:

  • How altmetrics work
  • The tools and widgets used for tracking
  • Correlation with other publishing metrics
  • Impact measurement and strategy
  • How altmetrics are being used by various institutions and user groups, including students, young scientists and clinical researchers, and principal investigators of large grants.
  • The steps librarians can take to incorporate altmetrics into their workflows and reports

The webinar is part of Elsevier's Library Connect program for academic, health sciences, corporate and government librarians.[divider]

To participate in the webinar

Library Connect webinar registrationThe webinar is on Thursday, February 20 from 11-11:50 am EST (16-16:50 BST / 17-17:50 CET). Click here to register.

Live tweeting

Follow both @Library_Connect and @ElsevierConnect on Twitter and use the hashtag #LCwebinar during the event for live conversations.

Follow the presenters on Twitter: Mike Taylor (@herrison), Jenny Delasalle (@JennyDelasalle) and Kristi Holmes (@kristiholmes).

Submitting questions for the panel

Questions for the panel can be submitted in advance during the registration process, or though Twitter using the hashtag #LCwebinar.[divider]

The presenters

Mike TaylorJenny DelasalleKristi HolmesThe webinar presenters include an experienced librarian, a bioinformaticist and a research specialist looking at cutting-edge technologies in publishing. They will provide varying perspectives on altmetrics in the context of their considerable experience in furthering scholarly communication, supporting researchers and the research enterprise, and evaluating new tools and systems for managing and tracking researcher identity, networking and impact.

Kristi Holmes is a Bioinformaticist at Washington University in St. Louis. Her professional interests include open science, support and training in genomic medicine, and understanding the impact of research efforts. She serves as the outreach lead for the research discovery platform VIVO and is a member of the ORCID Outreach Steering Group.

Jenny Delasalle is a freelance consultant and librarian. Her interests include bibliometrics and altmetrics, the changing landscape of scholarly communication, and how researchers can share and promote their research while also protecting their professional image. She has worked in a number of academic library roles at various UK higher education institutions, most recently at the University of Warwick managing the library's support of researchers.

Mike Taylor is a Research Specialist for Elsevier Labs. His current areas of work include altmetrics, contributorship, research networks, the future of scholarly communications and other author identity issues. He has worked in various capacities within the ORCID initiative.

What are altmetrics?

Almetrics refers to "the collection, analysis and presentation of data about how people share and discuss academic papers," in the words of Mike Taylor (a presenter in the upcoming Webinar) and Dr. Paul Groth (@pgroth), co-founder of the Altmetrics Manifesto and Assistant Professor in the Web & Media Group at VU University in Amsterdam. Their Library Connect article "Helping scholars tell their stories using altmetrics" provides an overview of altmetrics. You can view their presentation "Altmetrics: its impact and promise" on Elsevier Connect.


Elsevier Connect Contributors

Angelina WardAs Director of Social Media and Content for Global Corporate Relations at Elsevier, Angelina Ward ( @angelinaward ) leads social business efforts throughout the organization. She has been with Elsevier and our sister companies for eight years. Covering technical, information security, and new media topics, she became skilled in developing engaging communities with industry professionals through social media. She speaks at industry events on social media topics and has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Women in Technology on Twitter who truly "gets" social media and social business. She is based in Atlanta.

Colleen DeLoryColleen DeLory is Editor of the Library Connect Newsletter (@library_connect) and The Academic Executive Brief (@acadexecbrief). Before joining Elsevier in 2010, she worked in communications positions at the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University, where she started a faculty/staff news website. Her goal with Library Connect is to provide a forum in which librarians from around the world can share their thinking on broad and systemic issues, as well as practical, hands-on advice based on their own challenges and successes.

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Dee Magnoni February 20, 2014 at 3:59 pm

When I attempt to register, I encounter a blocked plugin. I have adobe flash on my computer. Is there an alternative path for viewing the webinar? Thanks! Dee

Marie McVegh February 21, 2014 at 1:21 am

Have you loaded a recording anywhere? Was unable to attend.

Alison Bert , Editor-in-Chief, Elsevier Connect February 21, 2014 at 1:25 am

Hi Marie,

The organizer left the following instructions for another person with your question: "Please register with the BrightTalk system, and you’ll be able to go in afterwards and view/listen."

Please let me know if this works for you.