Bravo’s #TopChef and Cell Press to highlight Boston’s best food and science in upcoming episode

Episode will feature stars of food and science, including Cell Press CEO Emilie Marcus and authors from its journals – watch the show and join the Twitter Chat



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A great deal of science goes into the creation of food. A leading scientific publisher and a popular American culinary competition show are coming together to highlight a union of Boston's best food and science.

US viewers can tune in Wednesday January 21, to watch Bravo's Top Chef, featuring Cell Press CEO Dr. Emilie Marcus together with leading scientists  and Cell Press authors from the Boston area.

On Top Chef, now in its 12th season, chefs compete in culinary challenges and are judged by a panel of top-tier chefs and guest judges. The current season — based in Boston — highlights the city's rich history and robust culinary scene.

In the upcoming episode, the chefs must cook an innovative bean dish for Top Chef Masters alum and acclaimed culinary innovator Wylie Dufresne. Then, in a high stakes Elimination Challenge, the chefs push their boundaries to create their most innovative and unique dishes yet. They must create dishes that truly exemplify the future of cooking as the winner will take  home $10,000 and a guaranteed spot in the finals in Mexico.

Watch the episode here.Cell Press publishes cutting-edge scientific and biomedical  research. With headquarters in the innovative Kendall Square neighborhood of Cambridge, Cell Press colleagues are familiar with Boston's culinary scene as well as the global scientific landscape. Some of their journals publish pioneering food-science research.

Public interest in the science of cooking is growing in response to advances in technology and discoveries in health and nutrition. By featuring experts in both areas, Top Chef illuminates the highly connected relationship between culinary innovation and science.

A great deal of science goes into the creation of food. The colors, flavors and textures we observe, taste and feel in our food are the product of science being implemented in the kitchen.

To illuminate food-science breakthroughs inspired by the kitchen and lab, Cell is producing a special issue on food science, slated for publication in March.

Your tweets

Cell Press and Elsevier colleagues hosted a Twitter Chat with the hashtag #CellPressTopChef. Here are some highlights:

What is Cell Press?

Cell PressAn imprint of Elsevier, Cell Press is a leading publisher of cutting-edge scientific and biomedical research and review articles,  publishing novel discoveries that can impact the future of science.

Cell Press's flagship journal, Cell, was launched in 1974. Today, Cell Press publishes 13 primary research journals, four on behalf of learned societies and 14 Trends reviews journals that offer perspectives from prominent scientists on research across disciplines.

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Joanne SheppardJoanne Sheppard (JoanneTracy711) is the Vice President of Business Development for Cell Press in Elsevier's STM Journals group. She is also an avid foodie. She is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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