Video: Talks@Mendeley — 'Nobody Knows a Damn Thing'

Journalist, author and filmmaker Luke Dormehl talks about algorithms and whether it might be possible to find a formula for everything


Our first Talks@Mendeley featured a thought-provoking presentation and discussion with author, journalist and filmmaker Luke Dormehl. He talked about algorithms and whether it might indeed be possible to find a formula for everything.

After showing his own Mendeley Profile, he spoke to the Mendeley team and guests about how, as a journalist writing for publications such as The Guardian, Fast Company and Wired, he is keenly aware of the pervasiveness of technology:

If you look at any period in history, the imagery and metaphors are drawn from popular science, and today there is no science more popular than computer science. My interest in technology comes from popular culture. If you want to understand popular culture you really need to engage with technology and the questions it poses, which are really key to understanding how the world works and our relationship it, as well as our relationships with each other, and issues with our own identity.


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Alice Atkinson-BonasioAlice Atkinson-Bonasio (@alicebonasio) is PR and Communications Manager for Mendeley, the company that created the Mendeley research collaboration platform and workflow tool and was acquired by Elsevier in April. She holds an MA in creative and media enterprises from the University of Warwick and is completing a PhD in online marketing at Bournemouth University. She is based in Mendeley's London office.

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