SimChart story

SimChart is an electronic health record specifically developed as an educational tool for nursing students, teaching them how to document patient care while boosting their clinical reasoning abilities, Pohlman explained. She said it's unique in its representation of four hospital floors simulating patient care from admission through discharge, all wrapped up in a learning module. The contributors and reviewers include more than 50 leading nurse educators and clinicians representing general and surgical nursing, mental health, pediatrics, women’s health, patient safety, informatics, simulation and pharmacology. "SimChart emphasizes the importance of patient safety and critical thinking while providing students the opportunity to build and evaluate care plans, set and monitor patient teaching goals, and better understand the nursing workflow," Pohlman said. SimChart also provides access to several clinical resources, including Mosby’s Nursing Consult Student Edition, which has leading texts, full-text journals, evidence-based nursing monographs, drug calculators, practice guidelines and more. In addition to its use as a documentation tool, SimChart may be used in the classroom, in the clinical environment and in simulation. For example, in the classroom, the faculty may use the pre-populated case studies to teach pharmacology, drug interactions and patient teaching. The students can use it to plan care for their patients and to receive interactive feedback from their instructors as they are charting or using the product. In simulation, students may use SimChart to chart patient care, receive updated provider orders, or learn about laboratory results that may have been returned and placed on the chart. In all cases, SimChart provides teaching and learning opportunities across the curriculum.
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