Seeking entries for Physics Innovation Award

Competition invites original ideas for web-based tools to enrich the online research article

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Dr. Charon Duermeijer, Publishing Director and Head of Elsevier Physics Journals, talks to a delegate at Elsevier's booth at the 2014 American Physical Society meeting.In our world of ever advancing technology, it's only natural for scientific articles to exploit the online experience to the max. At Elsevier, we are in constant discussions with scientists around the world in many different disciplines. We want to understand what really matters to them so we can improve the reading and understanding of scientific article. We don't want to add bells and whistles just because we can; we do want to improve the understanding of the science behind the article, allowing the reader to make relevant connections outside his or her area of expertise.

These innovations are as diverse as the scientists we interact with at Elsevier.

This is why we want to hear from you. We are opening up a competition for great ideas around improving scholarly communication.

submission buttonHow to enter

Contest: Physics Innovation Award

Deadline for entry: Saturday February 25, 2015, 23:59:59 p.m. GMT

Submission form: Submit your entry here.

The Physics Innovation Award is a competition for scientists and researchers in physics to come up with original ideas that can improve scientific communication, publishing work in an effective way, and finding relevant cross disciplinary research. Last years´ winner was Colton Bigler, a PhD student in Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, who suggested creating an interactive equation viewer. With the viewer, when readers scroll over an equation, a pop-up screen would indicate what each part of the equation represented, helping them better understand what the equation was about.

Bigler will join our judging panel this year along with the editors of some of our relevant physics journals and the Elsevier Physics team. The winner will be announced at the APS March Meeting 2015 and will be given a DVD set of episodes from seasons 1-8 of the TV series The Big Bang Theory and a cash prize of USD $500.

We always looking for ways to enrich the online article, and we will strive to implement some of the suggestions we receive.

Content innovations in Physics

At Elsevier, our content innovations come in various forms. Here are some of the innovation projects that have been applied in Physics:

Read more about Content Innovation at Elsevier.


Elsevier Connect Contributor

Charon Duermeijer, PhDDr. Charon Duermeijer (@duermeijer) is Publishing Director and Head of Elsevier Physics Journals. She has a PhD in geophysics from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

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