Protecting copyright without stifling innovation

A proposed equitable solution to the problem of “structurally infringing” content-hosting websites

Paul Doda is Elsevier's Global Litigation Counsel.The US Copyright Office has announced a study of Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the law meant to balance the need for copyright owners to protect their works from online piracy with the need to allow neutral online platforms to offer innovative tools without the threat of liability for their users’ infringements.

In an article titled “Distinguishing Common Carriers from Common Thieves,” Elsevier’s Global Litigation Counsel Paul Doda recommends an equitable remedy that can reign in “structural infringing” sites while preserving the important liability exemption afforded neutral host sites. The article, which is forthcoming in Volume 63, No. 3, of the Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA, is available in manuscript form here, with permission from the journal.

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