Presentation: In a big data era, small data management is critical

Elsevier’s David Marques gives keynote at Columbia Research Data Symposium #RDS2013

David Marques

In this presentation, David Marques, Elsevier’s SVP of Research Data Services, talks about the new Research Data Group at Elsevier and its principles, which center on having completely open data and being transparent and collaborative. He also covers the problems of sharing data and ways to remove these barriers.

As Marques states in his recent Library Connect article, "Research data driving new services":

The research community is increasingly making raw and summarized research data available for preservation and use by other researchers, both by linking to publications and placing directly into open repositories. At present, researchers in most scientific disciplines – genomics, astronomy and physics are exceptions – make little research data available to other scientists, for reasons including lack of credit, lack of distribution control, and fear that others will point out key insights that they overlooked. Another important factor is a lack of the effort and the informatics expertise required to standardize and normalize the data, and to add sufficient provenance and the descriptive metadata required for domain-specific data repositories.

He explained that Elsevier is collaborating with academic partners in pilots "to better understand what contribution we can make to help get more data shared, to get credit for the researcher, and to explore sustainable funding models for the data repositories."

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David Marques, Elsevier’s SVP of Research Data Services, is giving a keynote presentation on research data February 27,at 9:30 a.m. EST during the Columbia Research Data Symposium in New York. Here’s how you can view his presentation:

  • The conference is Wednesday, February 27, with Marques's presentation at 9:30 a.m. EST (2:30 p.m. BST or 3:30 p.m. CET). View the entire event live via Ustream. Also, follow the event on Twitter with the hashtag #RDS2013.
  • View Marques's presentation here:


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