New webinar series: what publishers do—and how to get published

Publishing Connect webinars show early-career researchers how scholarly publishing works

Are you wondering how to start the process of getting your paper published?

Are you unsure on how to navigate the ethical pitfalls of writing scientific papers?Or are you feeling disheartened after the article you worked on for months was rejected?

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Publishing Connect Webinar Series

A new live webinar series is here to help.

Publishing Connect has organized its first series of capacity-building webinars, with the first one tomorrow (Thursday, May 8).

Our Publishing Connect program supports young and new scientific authors by bringing publishing workshops to institutions across the globe. We also provide a library of training webcasts on our website.

Recent internal analysis shows that an average of 17 percent of Publishing Connect webinar registrants go on to submit a paper (both existing and new authors).

Now, we are bringing you the best of both worlds with a new series of free live webinars, presented by our experts.

By participating in these webinars, you will receive valuable and up-to-date advice on how to publish and get your research seen by your peers. You will also be able to send your questions to our experts.

Publishing Connect Webinar Series

(All webinars are at 3pm BST, 4pm CEST and 10am EDT.)[divider]

Introduction to Scholarly Publishing

Thursday, 8 May 2014

What does a Publisher actually do? This presentation will provide details on the background information and the contributions of a Publisher to the scientific and health communities. The presentation will also introduce the Journal Publishing Cycle. It will give you an insight into the different steps that Publishers, in co-operation with Editors and editorial boards, must manage from the moment an article is submitted to its publication.[divider]

How to Get Published, Part I: Preparing Your Manuscript

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The goal of this presentation is to provide background information on academic publishing. It outlines the various important steps that, as an Author, you need to follow in preparing your manuscript for a successful publication.[divider]

How to Get Published, Part II: Structuring an Article

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

This presentation aims to provide advice about how to properly structure your article. From the title and keywords, right through to the conclusion and references, all the essential criteria are covered to make sure it can be a success.[divider]

How to Get Published, Part III: Using Proper Scientific Language

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The importance of using of proper scientific language in a manuscript is covered in the following presentation. All the main ways to present your work, including the correct use of tenses and grammar, as well as why proper language is vital, are featured in this module.[divider]

Research and Publishing Ethics

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Protect your reputation and career by learning how to navigate ethical topics, such as authorship, plagiarism and conflict of interest.


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