New Gray’s Anatomy makes learning more interactive

Editors and authors reveal what the classic has meant to them at the Royal College of Surgeons of England launch event

In the Royal College of Surgeons of England, surrounded by historical editions of Gray’s Anatomy, Elsevier introduced the latest edition, which allows users to manipulate imagery and access a wealth of material, including 77,000 words of additional text, 300 artworks and tables, and 17 videos.

Editor-In-Chief  Dr. Susan Standring, Emeritus Professor  of Anatomy of King’s College London, spoke entertainingly of the development of the study of anatomy since the first edition of Gray’s in 1858, revealing original drawings to underline the digital capabilities of the latest text via the Expert Consult platform. “We have commentaries and videos, and a big imaging collection,” she said.

Linda Belfus, Senior VP & General Manager of Content for Clinical Solutions, explained what made the content “cutting edge and relevant.”

Commentary author Prof. Jonathan Bard, Emeritus Professor of Development and Bioinformatics, University of Edinburgh, praises the links in the text that send readers to “databases which every anatomist is going to have to know.”

Section Editor Prof. Shane Tubbs, Chief Scientific Officer, Seattle Science Foundation and Professor of Human Gross and Developmental Anatomy at St. George’s University, Grenada, notes how having the entire content streamed to a digital device means you have access to figures “that could never be housed in a single volume,” adding that “this really makes an anatomical textbook come alive in its 41st edition”.

In this historical setting, guests celebrated the importance of Gray’s Anatomy not just as an evolving clinical tool but a cultural item, affirming that it is, as Section Editor Dr. Alan Crossman, Professor Emeritus at the University of Manchester, puts it, “simply the most famous anatomy book in the world.”

Elsevier Connect Contributor

Madelene HydeAs VP of Global Content for Clinical Solutions at Elsevier, Madelene Hyde oversees the publishing strategy for medical education and selected medical reference specialties. She was the Publisher of Gray’s Anatomy 40th edition and the 41stedition before passing the reins to Jeremy Bowes, Senior Content Strategist for Medical at Elsevier. She is based in Philadelphia.

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