Mendeley to host master class on how technology is changing research

Co-founder Jan Reichelt will join innovators from Elsevier, Indiegogo, JoVE, The Mobile Collective, the Open Knowledge Foundation, Team Cooper and Zooniverse

[caption align="alignright" width="400" height="300"]Mendeley co-founder Jan Reichelt, PhD, gives a presentation at last year's Social Media Week in London.Mendeley co-founder Jan Reichelt, PhD, gives a presentation at last year's Social Media Week in London. He will be one of the presenters in Thursday's master class.[/caption] On Thursday, innovators from companies at the forefront of publishing and technology innovation will come together to discuss how technology can change, facilitate and improve things for researchers.

The master class – called Social Science: How Technology is Changing Research – is being hosted by Mendeley as part of Social Media Week in London.

Presentations will explore a range of ideas, from The Article of the Future and the power of crowd funding to support research, to videos that enhance reproducibility and games that harness the power of crowds to solve some of the world’s most difficult scientific challenges.

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Watch the event

The master class is Thursday, September 26, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. BST; 12 to 2 p.m. CET; and 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. EST. You can watch it free of charge on this live streaming link

Submit questions for the panel

If you have questions, comments or thoughts you’d like to put to the panel, you can leave a comment here, email or Tweet using the hashtag #smwSciTech.[/note]

Presenters will also talk about how technology and social media can enable scientific research, accelerate the pace of discovery, and make science more open for everyone.

Social media has the power to make the world a better place. But technology also means that researchers will increasingly operate in a very different environment – where possibilities are infinitely greater but there is also greater scrutiny, competition, collaboration and a need to communicate objectives in ways that resonate beyond the walled garden of academia.

How will traditional business models and working practices evolve to keep up with this change? After the presentations, the audience will be able to ask questions and discuss issues with the panelists.

The event is at Social Media Week HQ, at Mercer Street Studios in London’s Covent Garden. Spaces at the venue are extremely limited and require a VIP Pass to attend, but the Mendeley Masterclass will also be available to watch for free on the live streaming link.

Speakers include Dr. Jan Reichelt, one of Mendeley's three co-founders; Nicolai Humphreys, Web Editor for The Lancet; and Dr. IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Senior VP of Journal and Content Technology at Elsevier, who will talk about how publishers are using technology to improve and update the research workflow and support the changing scientific ecosystem.

Other speakers are from the Open Knowledge Foundation, Zooniverse, Indiegogo, Team Cooper, JoVE and The Mobile Collective[divider]

Social Media week

Social Media Week is September 23 to 27, with events planned around the world both in person and online.  Organizers will all host sessions on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks, with technology supported by Nokia.[divider]

The Author

[caption align="alignright"]Alice Atkinson-BonasioAlice Atkinson-Bonasio[/caption]Alice Atkinson-Bonasio (@alicebonasio) is PR and Communications Manager for Mendeley, the company that created the Mendeley research collaboration platform and workflow tool and was acquired by Elsevier in April. She holds an MA in creative and media enterprises from the University of Warwick and is completing a PhD in online marketing at Bournemouth University. She is based in Mendeley’s London office.

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