Materials Today expands its scope and journal portfolio

Changes will offer comprehensive coverage for the materials science community and speed up the publishing process


With an expanded scope and new complementary journals spanning all of materials science, Materials Today is transforming into a “home” for the materials research community while making it easier and faster for researchers to publish their work.

Some changes have already occurred, and others will be taking place over the next few years. Highlights include:

  • Our flagship journal, Materials Today, now features original research, including articles and short communications on breakthrough discoveries and major technical achievements.
  • New titles will provide comprehensive coverage in terms of subject and research impact. They will ultimately comprise more than 100 publications in materials sciences and related fields.
  • Streamlined article transfer options allow for scientifically sounds rejected articles to be offered an alternative forum for publication.

A new scope

Over the last two decades, Materials Today has established itself as one of the most prestigious sources of information in materials science and engineering, with the namesake journal recently achieving an Impact Factor of 17.793, and its companion website covering news, opinion and interviews on the latest advances.

Materials Today coverNow, in addition to publishing invited reviews, our flagship journal Materials Today will also publish original research papers. Under the expert leadership of new Editors-in-Chief Prof. Jun Lou of Rice University and Prof. Gleb Yushin of Georgia Tech, the journal is now open for submissions showcasing the latest cutting-edge research. In addition, the journal is now a hybrid open access and subscription title.

We’re also launching new titles to offer comprehensive coverage across materials science. Regardless of the topic, article type or significance in the field, there will be a suitable journal in the combined Materials Today family. We want to give every materials researcher the opportunity to get involved with Materials Today.

New specialist journals

Over the next several years, Elsevier is launching a series of specialist companion titles. Like Materials Today, each new journal will offer a combination of the best peer-reviewed primary research and invited reviews from experts in the field.

The first of these new titles, Applied Materials Today, was launched last year to provide a rapid communication forum for cutting-edge applications of novel materials. It’s now under the guidance of Prof. Martin Pumera of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Materials Today ChemistryMaterials Today EnergyBuilding on these foundations, we recently launched Materials Today Energy and Materials Today Chemistry, placing some of the most active and engaging areas of research center stage. These new complementary titles will support the community as highly visible forums for the discussion of significant new discoveries in key areas of materials science.

The extended Materials Today family of journals includes over 100 materials science journals published by Elsevier, including Biomaterials, Nano Energy, Carbon, and Polymer.  To complete the coverage provided by the new Materials Today portfolio of journals, Materials Today Communications is now providing a home for technically sound research in materials science, while Materials Today: Proceedings is dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed research presented at conferences.

Streamlined publishing

Closer connections among Materials Today publications is expected to make publishing easier and more streamlined for authors, as papers can be transferred to the journal that offers the best fit.

Each of the Materials Today family of titles will be able to accept articles into Materials Today Communications based on existing reviews – a process that’s already in place for 13 materials science titles. This process saves much time for researchers whose articles are not accepted by the title they initially submitted to.

In a new era of communication, and with the boundaries between traditional disciplines blurring, the Materials Today family of journals will showcase all the latest materials science research from the big picture to the smallest – but often most crucial – detail.

“It’s a very exciting time, and we’re delighted that Materials Today is able to lead the way in the field,” said Elsevier’s Publishing Director for Materials Science, Dr Christiane Barranguet. “By forging closer links between publications, Elsevier and Materials Today are enhancing the connectivity in the materials research community in news ways.”

Materials Today

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Written by

Stewart Bland, PhD

Written by

Stewart Bland, PhD

Dr. Stewart Bland is the Publisher of the Materials Today journals and website, where his role involves developing the family of titles as a comprehensive home for materials science publications. Previously, Stewart was Editor-in-Chief of the flagship Materials Today journal. Prior to joining Elsevier, he completed a PhD in materials physics at Durham University in the UK.


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