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Elsevier is marking OA Week with webinars on open science tools and resources

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Are you a fan of open access? So are we! Let’s celebrate International Open Access Week together. We’re holding a variety of webinars and other events between October 21st – 27th. Take a look below to see what’s happening.

Find out how Elsevier supports open access

Webinar: “Open science roundup – tools for collaborative research and early discovery”

Listen to a recording of <a target="_blank" href="">Open science roundup: tools for collaborative research and early discovery</a>.

Librarians have been at the forefront in promoting open access publishing options and informing their researchers about the open access landscape. In the run-up to Open Access Week, our colleagues at Library Connect held a webinar to showcase some of the tools that librarians can use to enable more inclusive, collaborative and transparent research. View a recording here.

Webinar: How to leverage open hard hardware to improve your research

This webinar, on Thursday, October 24, will explore why open source hardware is important and how it benefits the research community. Prof. Joshua Pearce, Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier’s open access journal Hardware X, will document how the open source model works for technical development and the potential future applications of this approach, harnessing advanced materials science. He will conclude with opportunities for applying the open innovation model to any scientific field.

The webinar — How to leverage open hardware to improve your research — is being presented by Elsevier’s Researcher Academy. Register here.

Elsevier offers a mix of publishing models that reflect the different ways authors choose to publish articles. With growing demand for open access, we are working hard to deliver what researchers need. We have a number of initiatives that support open access, and we are investing in capacity-building to remain one of the fastest-growing open access publishers. In 2018 we published 26 percent more open access articles than the previous year.

OA opportunities at Elsevier

  • Open access at Cell Press. Cell Press is committed to meeting the growing demand for open access and new publishing model options. Authors and their funders can already choose to publish in multiple fully open access titles across the life, physical, earth, and interdisciplinary sciences, with more on the way. In advance of Open Access week, Cell Press has updated its OA page with the latest information on policies, activities and offerings.
  • What are mirror journals, and can they offer a new world of open access? This pilot program gives authors another way to publish OA while enjoying the benefits of an established journal.
  • Elsevier/Impactstory agreement will make open access articles easier to find on Scopus. Scopus users now able to search over 7 million peer-reviewed articles tagged as OA
  • First Look. Interested in your journal being seen as a pioneer for new research? Check out our new First Look program to share your newest latest research with a wider audience faster than ever before.

Written by

Georgiana-Simona Baciu

Written by

Georgiana-Simona Baciu

Georgiana-Simona Baciu is Open Science Manager at Elsevier. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Manchester, UK, she moved to Amsterdam in 2017 to join Elsevier’s Newsroom as an intern. Georgiana is a strong believer in the power of volunteering and in communication as a tool to bridge the gap between sustainability research and policy.


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