Jabe Wilson on the future of AI and scholarly publishing

R&D Magazine features Elsevier’s Consulting Director for Text and Data Analytics

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Jabe Wilson, PhD, is Consulting Director for Text and Data Analytics at Elsevier, based in London. (Background image © istock.com/liuzishan)

In his recent article in R&D Magazine, Elsevier’s Dr. Jabe Wilson answers the question “What does 2018 hold for AI in publishing?”

He points out that while many industries have shifted to digital, the impact is especially dramatic in scientific publishing and R&D “due to the sheer volume of data researchers must sift through.” In fact, the desire to help researchers make sense out of all this data is behind Elsevier’s transformation from publisher to “information analytics provider.” As Jabe explained:

Digitization, when supported by the right analytical tools, has made it far easier for researchers to find answers and insights into increasingly complex problems by filtering out the unnecessary data from the huge volumes available to them.

Jabe goes on to explain how, by using increasingly sophisticated automation processes – like machine learning and semantic indexing – we are enabling researchers to extract knowledge from text instead of having to read whole articles.

“These approaches are helping researchers to access insights in a far shorter time period, greatly improving productivity,” he writes.

“Semantic data is important to R&D,” he adds, “because it means we can link facts that are related across papers, and over different domains of knowledge – enabling us to deliver insights that might not be obvious from reading one paper alone.”

Meanwhile, the applications are getting ever more sophisticated. For example, Elsevier is exploring “AI neuroscience,” creating tools that delve into how Deep Learning models make decisions.

As to what to expect for 2018, Jabe hones in on two key trends:

  • A greater acceptance of AI in R&D
  • More collaboration across domains, including sharing insights though collaborative networks

Read the full article in R&D Magazine.

Q&A with Jabe on DataIQ 100

Jabe Wilson, PhDDr. Jabe Wilson has been chosen as one of the DataIQ 100 — a list of the most influential people in data-driven business. Recognized as a “titan” of data-driven business for his work with data and analytics, Jabe is showcased in his own page on DataIQ’s website. In a Q&A, Jabe shares his thoughts about data, predictions for 2018 and his hopes for the industry.

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