Infographic: Portrait of a {social} librarian

Popular infographic shows breadth of librarian role

As an editor, you can never be sure whether your content will hit or miss. But I had a good feeling about the Library Connect program's first infographic, developed with librarian Joe Murphy (@libraryfuture).

Posted at the end of August, the "I am a {social} librarian" infographic elicited a strong and immediate response: more than 7,000 views on Facebook, 600 likes on the article page, and 70 retweets on Twitter — and it's still being shared two months later.

It was also a great conversation starter:

Are you a social librarian?

I am a social librarian. … ¿Y tú?, ¿también lo eres?

Joe MurphyWe really wanted to highlight how the social librarian is enmeshed in what has become a social information landscape," said Murphy, a technology trend-spotter and Director of Library Futures at Innovative Interfaces.

He explains it like this:

The social librarian acts as an educator, filter and beacon, and empowers partners as curators, creators and consumers. Librarians and library users, information, and the library itself are all online, digital and virtual, and each has a social element. This has a major impact on the librarian's many roles and the skills they must continually update and acquire.

It's a serious message conveyed in a fun package. In keeping with the "hipster" vibe of the infographic, some librarians described it on Twitter as "neato" and "super cool."

The library world was invited to download, embed and share the free infographic. These information-loving professionals responded by posting it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and numerous blogs. One keen librarian even translated it into Spanish. Others incorporated it into messaging to their faculty and students regarding library services like these blog posts from Deakin University and Clark College.

The social librarian infographic will influence the shape of things to come. The Library Connect Newsletter celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and it's time to rethink and refresh. Elsevier wants to keep the focus on library best practices, trends, and tools while exploring new communication channels and content forms in 2014.[divider]

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Colleen DeLoryColleen DeLory is Editor of the Library Connect Newsletter (@library_connect) and The Academic Executive Brief (@acadexecbrief). Before joining Elsevier in 2010, she worked in communications positions at the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University, where she started a faculty/staff news website. Her goal with Library Connect is to provide a forum in which librarians from around the world can share their thinking on broad and systemic issues, as well as practical, hands-on advice based on their own challenges and successes.

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