Even better than sending nursing books to Haiti …

‘Nurse Tim’ writes about how a gift of eBooks helps nursing students prepare for major challenges

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Tim "NurseTim" Bristol with FSIL nursing students in Haiti

The Author

Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF – widely known as NurseTim – is a faculty development and curriculum design specialist who has taught at all levels of nursing.

Through consultations, writing and mentoring, he helps faculty enhance their programs for optimal student outcomes. He is certified as a nurse educator, was recently inducted into the Academy of Nursing Education, and is internationally known for his innovative approach to nursing education.

Dr. Bristol is a long-time customer of Elsevier who teaches at the FSIL nursing school in Haiti twice a year, taking nursing students, faculty and his family. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [/note]

Nurses in Haiti are called on to fill many gaps. Often times, a nurse is called on because there is no chance of getting access to a physician. Nurses are often the only health-care provider and will meet the needs of multiple villages.

At the FSIL nursing school (the first BSN program in Haiti), nursing students are being prepared to fill this role. Located two hours from the capital of Port-au-Prince in a seaside town called Léogâne, this school has been in existence since 2004. The buildings are funded by USAid, and the operational expenses are covered by donors to the Haiti Nursing Foundation.

Nursing students at.FSIL nursing school in Haiti use eBooks

One of the main challenges of this school is getting the students the resources they need to be fully prepared for this extensive challenge. Purchasing and transporting textbooks is a very costly venture in Haiti. Whether using suitcases or shipping containers, the cost of getting just one book to Haiti is $20 on average.

Given that the FSIL nursing school has a stable supply of up-to-date laptops, Elsevier donated 30 sets of current electronic nursing textbooks. These eBooks use a very powerful platform called Pageburst that provides the Haitian nursing students with every image, illustration, highlighter capability, note-taking and much more.

The textbooks chosen were the most popular books used by BSN students in America, including Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and Understanding Nursing Research. Because the nursing students at FSIL study English in high school and every year of nursing school, they are able to effectively and quickly get the study materials they need. The Elsevier tools also include videos and quizzing that helps the students better prepare.

Faculty at FSIL will also be using these textbooks. Because they can search all eBooks at one time, they are able to develop better presentations, grade papers more effectively, create better exams, and prepare more efficiently for clinical and lab sessions.

The market of Leogane (Photo by Tim Bristol)

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Tim Bristol May 6, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Hello Dr. Scialdo, hope all is well your way. You can contact us at info@haitinursing.org


What are you teaching in Texas? Tim B.

Dr. Scialdo AKA Dr. T May 6, 2013 at 3:11 pm

hello, how might I get involved with teaching with you