#DataDive UK: Follow data scientists and developers in a hackathon for charities

Elsevier Foundation joins DataKind, ONE Campaign, FareShare and Christian Aid to use data for tackling poverty and justice, climate change and UK food shortages

DataDive UK

What is a #DataDive? In short, it’s a marathon weekend event with over 70 data scientists, developers and enthusiasts working alongside nonprofits to strategize, visualize and crunch data critical for moving the needle on issues as diverse as fighting corruption, arming African farmers with weather data to navigate climate change and ensuring that surplus food in the UK gets to homeless shelters and hungry families. This weekend, nearly 20 Elsevier volunteers have pitched in to make it happen.

Live broadcasting and updates

Tune in to Facebook Live for broadcasts throughout the event. Here is the first one of the initial pitches:

Follow the hashtag #DataDive on Twitter. Here is the feed of the most current tweets:

We'll also have some #ElsevierLife posts on Instagram with Elsevier employees.

About the charities and their data challenges:

FareShare is a charity aimed at relieving food poverty and reducing food waste in the UK. They provide food waste to 6,000 charities, foodbanks and community groups around the UK. The question they’re tackling at the #DataDive is how can they use big data to move from traditional educated guess work to more effectively targeting food distribution to the shelters and families that need it most.

Final #DataDive presentation:

The One Campaign works to end extreme poverty in Africa by combating corruption and ensuring that governments are accountable to their citizens. They are working to improve transparency in the extractives industry and will be analyzing scraped data on contracts signed by extractives companies and African governments.

Final #DataDive presentation:

Christian Aid, a nonprofit which provides urgent, practical assistance in Africa, runs a project in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia to build the resilience of vulnerable communities to climate extremes and disasters.  Their goal is to tap the volunteers to equip grass roots communities with the data they need—such as weather reports for farmers—to help them better navigate climate change.

Final #DataDive presentation:



Written by

Angelina Ward

Written by

Angelina Ward

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