Cycling research made freely available

Twitter post inspires Elsevier’s Transportation team to make key bicycling articles free this year

Cyclist nears the end of the 70-mile OxBucks Sportives 2012 in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, UK. (Photo by Jenny McBain)

As part of its Transportation portfolio, Elsevier publishes research on all transportation modes, from aviation to rail, shipping and cycling. Much of the cycling research is multidisciplinary, drawing on fields such as geography, urban planning, accident prevention and public health.

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  Oxford cyclists (Photo by <a href='' target='_blank'>Kim Benson</a>, Senior Content Development Specialist, e-products, Elsevier)

In recent years, cycling has become increasingly prominent globally. Rocketing oil prices and growing concern about environmental and health issues such as air pollution and obesity have led many drivers to seek alternative means of transportation. Consequently, politicians around the world are being attracted to policies that promote cycling, and academic research has grown to reflect these developments.

In Elsevier's Transportation social media community, cycling had been a hot topic for months. In fact, a retweet of an Elsevier cycling article led to a suggestion from a passionate cycling ecologist in Scotland (@kim_harding) that it would be beneficial for that particular article to be freely available. Chris Pringle, the Executive Publisher of Transportation, and I agreed. We chose a selection of our favorite cycling research — covering topics such as the bicycle helmet debate (a contentious point), bike share schemes and the environment – and made the articles freely available for 12 months. We promote this access on, ScienceDirect and social media, where the idea was born.

Through making these articles freely available, we are happy to be able to share high-quality research that Elsevier has published over the years in this important field. We hope that academics, policymakers and the cycling community will be informed and inspired by these articles, and that future authors will choose Elsevier as the home for their own cycling research.[divider]

Free cycling articles

Elsevier's free cycling articles

Here's a sample of the articles that are free online until December 31, 2013. For a complete list of free articles, visit the cycling research page on


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