Alan Turing book takes top prize at PROSE Awards with RR Hawkins Award

Elsevier wins 10 PROSE Awards; other top honors go to HarperCollins, Cambridge University Press and MIT Press at the American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence

The Elsevier Store is offering a 30% discount on this book and various other PROSE winners with promo code PROSE14. An Elsevier book about Alan Turning – a World War II codebreaker who came to be known as the "father of computer science" — took top honors at the 2013 PROSE Awards.

Alan Turing: His Work and Impact, edited by Dr. S. Barry Cooper and Dr. Jan van Leeuwen, was selected for the RR Hawkins Award at the 38th annual PROSE Awards – the American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence. For the first time, the award came with a cash prize: $10,000 for the authors.

The book also received the Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences & Mathematics, while another Elsevier volume — Epigenetic Regulation in the Nervous System: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Impact — was given the Award for Excellence in Reference Works.

The award ceremony was held at the Association of American Publishers' Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division Annual Conference in Washington, DC, with other top awards going to Cambridge University Press, MIT Press and HarperCollins Publishers. (See breakout box below.)

Alan Turing: His Work and Impact

Celebrating the centenary of Dr. Alan Turing's birth, the work is a tribute to the life of a towering mathematical and scientific genius.

PROSE Awards Chairman John A. Jenkins called it "a truly remarkable publication for its insight into the man who laid much of the foundation for the scientific developments we value today."

Jan van Leewen, PhDS. Barry Cooper, PhDIn the words of Myer Kutz, President of Myer Kutz Associates and a Mathematics Judge for PROSE:

This remarkable volume contains not only a selection of more than two dozen of Turing's most important writings, lectures and broadcasts, from 1936 to 1954, but also extensive commentaries from researchers and practitioners, whose intellectual and personal lives Turing's persona and work have influenced profoundly. The breadth of Turing's interests is astonishing. The products of this unique mind are made accessible to both specialists and general readers by this touching and learned book – a fitting recipient of 2013 RR Hawkins Award.

Dr. Cooper is a Professor in the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds in the UK. He is also President of the Association Computability in Europe, author of the standard text Computability Theory, Chair of the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee, a Managing Editor of the journal Computability and an Advisor to the John Templeton Foundation.

His co-editor, Dr. Van Leewen, is Professor in the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Dr. Turing was in the news recently because of a tragic series of events 60 years ago.

In 1952, he had been charged with and found guilty of "gross indecency" for sexual relations with another man. At the time, homosexual acts were illegal in Great Britain. Given the choice of imprisonment or probation with hormonal treatments, he chose the latter, amounting to chemical castration. Because of his conviction, he lost his security clearance and was unable to continue his cryptographic consulting with the government.

Two years later, he was found dead in his apartment from cyadide poisoning from a possible suicide.

This past December, the British government granted Dr. Turing a "pardon" under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy on the request of Justice Minister Chris Grayling.[divider]

Other PROSE Awards

This year's competition attracted 535 entries of books, reference works, journals and electronic products in more than 40 categories. "The PROSE program received extraordinary entries this year, both in quantity and quality," Jenkins said. "The winning entries … are truly outstanding scholarly works."

Awards for Excellence winners

The Awards for Excellence in five disciplines, from which the Hawkins Award is chosen, were:

Award for Excellence in Humanities
HarperCollins Publishers
Kansas City Lightening: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker
By Stanley Crouch

Award for Excellence in Social Sciences

Cambridge University Press
The Body in History: Europe from the Paleolithic to the Future
Edited by John Robb and Oliver J.T. Harris

Epigenetic Regulation in the Nervous SystemAward for Excellence in Biological & Life Sciences

The MIT Press
The Neural Basis of Free Will: Criteria Causation
By Peter Ulric Tse

Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences & Mathematics

Elsevier Science
Alan Turing: His Work and Impact
Edited by S. Barry Cooper and Jan van Leeuwen

Award for Excellence in Reference Works

Elsevier/Academic Press
Epigenetic Regulation in the Nervous System: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Impact
Edited by J. David Sweatt, Michael J. Meaney, Eric J. Nestler, and Schahram Akbarian


Elsevier winners

Additional categories in which Elsevier received first prize or honorable appear below. A complete list of awardees is on the PROSE Awards website.

Best New Journal/STM

Global Food Security journal

Global Food SecurityThe world's population is expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050, according to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and currently, 870 million people – one in eight – are hungry. To help tackle this hunger crisis and present the rapidly evolving scientific knowledge on global food security, Elsevier launched a new journal in 2012: Global Food Security.

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Kenneth Cassman said he thinks the honorable mention reflects two attributes of this journal:

First, it recognizes increasing awareness of food security as the foundation of a sustainable future for humanity in terms of economic development, curbing population growth, improved nutrition and health, conservation of natural resources and environmental quality, and dealing with climate change. Second, it reflects the high quality of the authors and papers published in our first issues on these topics—a trend the Editors and I are committed to continuing.

American Chemical Society
ACS Synthetic Biology
Editor Christopher A. Voigt

Honorable Mention:
Global Food Security
Editors Kenneth G. Cassman, David Dawe, Navin Ramankutty, Achim Dobermann, and Beatrice Rogers

Chemistry & Physics

Organometallics in Synthesis
Edited by Manfred Schlosser

Honorable Mention:
Encyclopedia of the Alkaline Earth Compounds
By RC Ropp

Environmental Science

Fukushima Accident: Radioactivity Impact on the Environment
By Pavel P. Povinec, Katsumi Hirose, and Michio Aoyama

Honorable Mention:
Climatic Change and Global Warming of Inland Waters: Impacts and Mitigation for Ecosystems and Societies
Edited by Charles R. Goldman, Michio Kumagai, and Richard D. Robarts

Decision Making in Natural Resource Management: A Structured, Adaptive Approach
By Michael J. Conroy and James T. Peterson

The University of Chicago Press
Our Once and Future Planet: Restoring the World in the Climate Change Century
By Paddy Woodworth


Elsevier Science
Alan Turing: His Work and Impact
Edited by S. Barry Cooper and Jan van Leeuwen

Honorable Mention:
Harvard University Press
A History in Sum: 150 Years of Mathematics at Harvard (1825-1975)
By Steve Nadis and Shing-Tung Yau

Cambridge University Press
Manifold Mirrors: The Crossing Paths of the Arts and Mathematics
By Felipe Cucker

Multivolume Reference/Science

Elsevier/Academic Press
Encyclopedia of Sleep
By Clete Kushida

Honorable Mention:
Gale, Cengage Learning
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia: Extinction
Editor in Chief Norman MacLeod
Advisory Editors J. David Archibald and Phillip Levin

Single Volume Reference/Science

Elsevier/Academic Press
Epigenetic Regulation in the Nervous System: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Impact
Edited by J. David Sweatt, Michael J. Meaney, Eric J. Nestler, and Schahram Akbarian

Honorable Mention:
Elsevier/Academic Press
Handbook of Systems Biology: Concepts and Insights
Edited by Marian Walhout, Marc Vidal, and Job DekkerPrinceton University Press

Princeton University Press
The Warbler Guide
By Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle with Drawings by Catherine Hamilton


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