Webinar: 'How librarians can help researchers navigate open access choices'

Free #LCwebinar on Thursday, October 17, to cover journal quality and guiding authors to the best choices

How to participate

  • Webinar: "How librarians can help researchers navigate open access choices"
  • Date: Thursday, October 17
  • Time: Amsterdam: 17.00| London: 16.00 | New York: 11.00 | Beijing: 23.00
  • Duration: 50 minutes

Questions can be pre-submitted during the registration process, and there will also be a live Q&A during the webinar. Follow the event on Twitter with the hashtag #LCwebinar.

Update: Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar below or on Library Connect.

Open-access publishing has grown dramatically in the last five years. There have been many positive initiatives to help researchers communicate and access information in a sustainable way. However, as with many paradigm shifts, there are growing pains associated, including predatory journal practices and lack of clarity around terms and options.

In anticipation of Open Access Week October 21 to 27, Elsevier's Library Connect program is hosting a free webinar: "How librarians can help researchers navigate open access choices." In this live event, a surgeon/scholar, publisher and librarian will equip librarians and authors with the terminology, models and best practices of open access publishing and journal choices in general.

What metrics and standards should librarians and authors consider in determining in which journals to submit? Does the journal have an ethical publishing statement? How can you find journals that best fit the audience and research? What tools are out there to assist?


The Presenters

[caption align="alignleft"]David Rew, PhDDavid Rew


[caption align="alignright"]Laura HassinkLaura Hassink[/caption]

[caption align="alignright"]Robin ChampieuxRobin Champieux [/caption]David Rew is Honorary Senior Lecturer and Consultant General Surgeon at the University of Southampton.

Laura Hassink is Senior VP, Physical Sciences, for STM Journals at Elsevier.

Robin Champieux is Scholarly Communications Librarian at Oregon Health & Science University.[divider]

The Author

[caption align="alignright"]Colleen DeLoryColleen DeLory[/caption]Colleen DeLory is Editor of the Library Connect Newsletter and The Academic Executive Brief. Before joining Elsevier in 2010, she worked in communications positions at the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University, where she started a faculty/staff news website. Her goal with Library Connect is to provide a forum in which librarians from around the world can share their thinking on broad and systemic issues, as well as practical, hands-on advice based on their own challenges and successes.

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1 Archived Comment

Dawn McCleskey October 28, 2013 at 8:57 pm

Hello, I learned about this webinar after the fact. Since I did not register, how can I find out about the recording? Thank you.

Alison Bert, Editor-in-Chief October 28, 2013 at 9:04 pm

Hi Dawn,

I made it possible for you to watch the video in this article. Or you can find it at You can find the webinar at http://libraryconnect.elsevier.com/library-connect-webinars. Thanks for the reminder!


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