3 ways Heliyon can help your research “stand out from the crowd”

Elsevier’s multi-disciplinary open access journal aims to put papers into the right hands at all stages of publication

Mary Beth O’LearyCommunication is at the core of all research fields. For results to have any lasting impact, they need to be shared with relevant communities. With more and more research being published each year, discoverability has become a challenge. How can you ensure that everyone — from experts in your research fields to former colleagues and future collaborators — is informed about your research?

Find the right editors

The feeling when you click the “submit” button to a journal can be daunting. The fate of the research you’ve spent countless months working on is now in someone else’s hands. You want assurance that the people making decisions on your paper are well versed in your field of study and will work to help get your paper published quickly.

The massive scope of a journal like Heliyon requires a massive editorial team. Heliyon currently has an editorial board of over 600 researchers. These researchers specialize in a diverse array of fields, from tourism research to astrophysics, ensuring that all papers will be handled by a researcher who understands the previous literature as well as current trends in your field.

Find the right reviewers

After an initial assessment on the suitability of your paper, editors rely on the assessment of reviewers to make a decision. While the criteria for peer review differs by journal, your work is entitled to a fair and fast review process conducted by unbiased reviewers who are knowledgeable in your research field.

Using Elsevier’s global, cross-disciplinary reach, Heliyon’s editors have access to a vast network of researchers. Editors will work to match each paper with the appropriate reviewers quickly. These reviewers will then assess the technical and ethical soundness of each paper, resulting in a rigorous but quick peer review process.

Find the right readers

If a tree falls in the woods with no one around, does it make a noise? You shouldn’t have to ask the same question of your paper. To get the largest reach, you need to make sure your work is being shared on the appropriate channels.

Heliyon will highlight published research across an array of far-reaching channels. All content will be immediately and permanently available on both Heliyon.com and ScienceDirect. Heliyon.com has a reader-friendly interface and sophisticated keyword and tagging system to ensure all work is searchable. Meanwhile, our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels cast a wide net on social media to make papers discoverable to the entire world. Notable papers will be highlighted on The Heliyon blog, giving readers more context on the significance of the research.

For more on why you should submit your next paper to Heliyon, please watch our video.

To submit your next research paper, visit heliyon.com


Elsevier Connect Contributor

Mary Beth O’Leary (@MaryBeth_OLeary) is Marketing and Publicity Manager for Heliyon, based in London. Previously, she lived in Boston where she joined Elsevier in August 2009. For over five years, she worked for Cell Press in various roles across editorial, marketing and public relations. Most recently, she acted as Media Relations Manager for Cell Press’s 30 titles. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, she studied literature and art history.

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