Elsevier Staff

  • Every request, and I made several was handled promptly and professionally. The folks were kind, efficient and warm.
  • Every staff member worked with a smile and they heartily welcomed me.
  • Everything from the online registration, to the staff at the conference made the registration process simple and quick, No problems at all.
  • Everything was perfect!
  • Extremely friendly staff, very helpful.
  • Fabulous personal! So friendly and helpful.
  • I do appreciate very much the excellent efforts of Elsevier staff for their helping and friendship as well as their professional way of treating me.

Conference Statistics

  • I feel that everything is well organized and very positive attitude to delegates.
  • I had great customer serve throughout the entire process. The onsite staff was great.
  • Professionalism and courtesy of the Elsevier staff, outstanding.
  • I was impressed with the efficiency of the team.
  • Standard conference service, polite, not obtrusive.
  • Staff always smiling, always helpful, always and on hand to help.
  • Calm, friendly, helpful spirit of Elsevier employees and student helpers.
  • Elsevier Staff were extremely kind and helpful and also played a key role in keeping sessions on time but making sure the coffee breaks would end on time.
  • Excellent staff at all times.
  • Extremely friendly personal all over.
  • Faultless organisation from the conference team – all appeared to run smoothly and all queries were promptly and helpfully dealt with.
  • Helpful and friendly girls on reception desk, whom went beyond their duties to ensure we will enjoy the conference hassle free.
  • I felt that although the conference was delivered well and to professional people there was always a relaxed and informal atmosphere which I believed helped to grow the networking, learning and cross fertilization of nursing education and practice.
  • Perfect service!!! And absolutely friendly, thank you very much again.
  • Politeness, promptness and the warm atmosphere. Kind and thoughtful replies. Really pleased all together.
  • High quality conference with inspiring keynote speakers and program in general.
  • Very well organized, ran and both prior to and during the conference. Very professional. Very interesting content which crosses other professional boundaries.
  • All the fatigue community was represented, and the level of this conference is very high. Also it is really important to me to make international contacts in the field.


  • Considering the content, key note speakers and participants, this is the best conference I have attended
  • Amazing content
  • The quality of talks and research was high and a good deal of unpublished findings was presented.
  • Quality, breadth and depth of the presentations, and superb organisation that facilities networking and interaction amongst fellow scientists.

Conference Statistics

Repeat Attendance

  • Yes – because Pangborn gives us the opportunity to meet professional for all over the world and exchange experiences.
  • Yes – best and most well-known sensory conference globally.
  • Best selected speakers, new trends, perspectives, a perfect balance of different aspects of polymer research.
  • Yes – Combination of high scientific level and perfect organisation.
  • Cutting edge research of high quality that is relevant.
  • Yes - Diversity of content (topics), well organized speakers during the plenaries, and overall efficiency of the organisation committee.
  • Yes - Excellent combination of breadth, depth, extremely relevant and up to date.
  • Yes - Excellent gathering of leaders in a new emerging field.
  • Yes - Excellent quality speakers, lots of unpublished work is presented. Ideal opportunity to network with colleagues in the field.
  • Yes – because the speakers are always the leaders in the filed.
  • Yes - It really is a high quality academic conference


  • Very impressed at the quality of the conference and the international networking opportunities.
  • So many ideas about Innovative teaching strategies and research that can be adapted or used in one’s own teaching/research. Also the networking is great for the same reason.
  • Perfect organisation, programme, and attendance (networking). Value for money.
  • Great place to catch up with everyone in what they are working on. Also, it is good opportunity to get feedback in your own work.
  • Good mixture between people from the universities and industry, resulting in very giving and interesting discussions.

Conference Statistics