Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine - 5th Edition - ISBN: 9780721694993

Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine

5th Edition

Authors: Murray Fowler R. Eric Miller
Hardcover ISBN: 9780721694993
Imprint: Saunders
Published Date: 17th June 2003
Page Count: 992

Table of Contents

1. Fish

2. Anurans (anura, salienta) - frogs, toads
3. Urodeles (caudate, urodela) - salamanders, sirens
4. Caecilians (gymniophona, caecilia) – caecilians

5. Order Chelonia- turtles, tortoises
6. Order Crocodilia – crocodiles, alligators, gavials, caimans
7. Suborder Sphenodontia –Tuatara-
8. Suborder Lacertilia (sauria) – lizards, skinks, geckos, and Suborder Amphisbaenis – worm lizards
9. Suborder Ophidia (Serpentes) –snakes-

10. Ratites: Tinamiformes – (tinamous), Struthioniformes, Rheiiformes, Cassuariformes – (ostrich, emu, rhea, cassowary, kiwi)
11. Sphenisciformes – penguins
12. Gaviiformes – (loons); Podicipediformes – (grebes); Procellariiformes – (albatross, fumars, petrels, storm petrels, shearwaters)
13. Pelicaniformes – pelicans, tropicbirds, cormorants, frigatebirds, anhingas, gannets
14. Ciconiiformes – herons, ibises, spoonbills, storks
15. Phoenicopteriformes – flamingos
16. Charadriiformes – gulls, shorebirds
17. Anseriformes – waterfowl, screamers
18. Falconiformes – vultures, hawks, falcons, secretary bird
19. Galliformes – pheasants, grouse, quail, turkeys, chacalacas, currasows, hoatzins
20. Gruiformes – cranes, limpkins, rails, gallinules, coots, bustards
21. Columbiformes – pigeons, doves
22. Psittaciformes – parrots, macaws, lories
23. Cuculiformes – cuckoos, roadrunners
24. Strigiformes – owls
25. Caprimulgiformes – goatsuckers
26. Musophagiformes – Turacos
27. Trochiliformes – hummingbirds
28. Apodiformes & Coliiformes – Swifts, swiftlets & mousebirds
29. Trogoniformes – trogons
30. Coraciiformes – kingfishers, motmot, bee-eaters, hoopoes, hornbills
31. Piciformes – woodpeckers, barbets, puffbirds, jacamars, toucans
32. Passeriformes – songbirds, perching birds

33. Monotremata – echidna, platypus
34. Marsupialia – marsupials
35. Insectivora – hed


This thoroughly revised, up-to-date text covers diagnosis and treatment of all zoo and wild animals, including amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and camelidae. Logically organized by species, the consistent, user-friendly format addresses an animal's biology, unique anatomy, special physiology, restraint and handling, special housing requirements, feeding, surgery and anesthesia, diagnostics, and diseases. Multinational contributors bring their expertise related to many of the species from countries outside of North America.

Key Features

  • Covers all species in one comprehensive, complete resource.
  • Emphasizes restraint and handlings, an extremely important topic that helps the veterinarian determine if physical or chemical restraint is necessary.
  • Global authorship includes multinational contributors who offer expert information on different species from around the world.
  • Excellent tables provide quick reference to key points in the chapters.
  • Information on husbandry addresses caging various species depending on climate, type of display, etc.
  • New information on reproduction in captive wild animals examines complex problems dealing with reproduction in species whose numbers may be dwindling rapidly.
  • Important information on nutrition and feeding helps the veterinarian develop proper dietary management.


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About the Authors

Murray Fowler Author

Deceased June 2014

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor Emeritus, Zoological Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis, Davis, CA

R. Eric Miller Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Director of Animal Health and Conservation, Saint Louis Zoo, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO