This volume comprises the proceedings of the International Symposium on Zeolites and Microporous Crystals (ZMPC '93). At this meeting progress in the following areas was discussed: crystal chemistry; synthesis; ion exchange and modification; adsorption and diffusion; intercalation and cross-linking; host-guest interaction; catalysis; applications.

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A selection of the contents. I. Synthesis. Further results in the synthesis of microporous alumino- and gallophosphates in the presence of fluoride (C. Schott-Darie et al.). Preparation, characterisation, and catalytic properties of microporous zirconophosphate molecularly engineered layered structures (MELS®) (E.G. Derouane, V. Jullien-Lardot). Synthesis of manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieves (OMS) (Y.-F. Shen et al.). II. Structure. Fine structures of zeolites: Defects, interfaces and surface structures. An HREM study (O. Terasaki et al.). Statistical mechanics of Si, Al ordering in A-type zeolites (C.P. Herrero). Topological and stereochemical characteristics of zeolite frameworks (M. Sato). III. Modification. Solid-state reactions of zeolites (H.G. Karge). Anion exchange reactions in layer structured crystals (S. Yamanaka). Studies of zeolites single crystals: Ethene oligomerization in HZSM-5 (K.T. Jackson, R.F. Howe). IV. Adsorption. Adsorption of lower hydrocarbons in zeolite NaY and theta-1. Comparison of low and high pressure isotherm data (J.A. Hampson, L.V.C. Rees). Determination of sorption thermodynamic functions for multi-component gas mixtures sorbed by molecular sieves (M. Bülow). Adsorption of C8 aromatic isomers on Faujasite zeolite (K. Iwayama, M. Suzuki). V. Catalysis. Novel catalytic functions of metallosilicates exerted by isomorphous substitution (T. Inui). Selective synthesis of ethylenediamine from ethanolamine and ammonia over zeolite catalysts (K. Segawa et al.). Zeolite catalyzed aromatic acylation and related raections (H. van Bekkum et al.). Redox molecular sieves: Recyclable catalysts for liquid phase oxidations (R.A. Sheldon et al.). Alteration of alumina pillared clays for enhanced catalytic activity (A. Clearfield et al.).


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