XML in Data Management

1st Edition

Understanding and Applying Them Together

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Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann
Published Date: 7th June 2004
Page Count: 398
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XML in Data Management is for IT managers and technical staff involved in the creation, administration, or maintenance of a data management infrastructure that includes XML. For most IT staff, XML is either just a buzzword that is ignored or a silver bullet to be used in every nook and cranny of their organization. The truth is in between the two. This book provides the guidance necessary for data managers to make measured decisions about XML within their organizations. Readers will understand the uses of XML, its component architecture, its strategic implications, and how these apply to data management.

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Key Features

  • Takes a data-centric view of XML.
  • Explains how, when, and why to apply XML to data management systems.
  • Covers XML component architecture, data engineering, frameworks, metadata, legacy systems, and more.
  • Discusses the various strengths and weaknesses of XML technologies in the context of organizational data management and integration.


Professionals in data management (i.e. data managers, data administrators, db/systems engineers, data and systems architects)

Table of Contents

Preface Foreword Chapter 1 - XML and DM Basics Chapter 2 - XML From the Builders Perspective: Using XML Technologies to Support DM Chapter 3 - XML Component Architecture (as it relates to DM) Chapter 4 - XML and Data Engineering Chapter 5 - Making & Using XML: the technologist's perspective Chapter 6 -XML Frameworks Chapter 7 - XML-Based Portal Technologies and Data Management Strategies Chapter 8 - XML & DM focused on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Chapter 9 - XML, DM & Reengineering Chapter 10: Networks of Networks, Metadata, and the Future Chapter 11 - Expanded Data Management Scope References


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"I consider Dr. Aiken to be a leading authority in the general area of Data Management. I think that the proposed work would be well-accepted by the noted audience. As a practitioner, I would personally be interested." --James Bean, CEO Relational Logistics Group "XML in Data Management by Aiken and Allen provides an excellent enterprise leadership perspective to the effective application of XML. This book should be on every Data and Technology Manager's desk" --James Bean, Chairman and CEO of the Global Web Architecture Group "XML is an important complement to, not replacement for, well-defined, disciplined data management processes, and a well-conceived and executed data exchange layer. Peter Aiken and David Allen bring these points into focus. They define the yin and yang of XML and data management. They help seperate the hype from the reality. And they equip a manager to make better choices moving forward." --Thomas C. Redmon, Ph.D., President, Navesink Consulting Group