Wound Care Nursing

2nd Edition

A Patient-Centered Approach


  • eBook ISBN 9780723435808

Key Features

  • Unique lifespan approach addresses the care of wounds in all patients, from infants to the elderly.
  • Patient-focused perspective offers a holistic approach to wound care.
  • Frequent case studies throughout the demonstrate applications of concepts.
  • Research-based content emphasizes the importance of practicing evidence-based wound care.
  • Key issues and summary boxes draw attention to important information.
  • Practice Points boxes highlight key areas relevant to practice.
  • High-quality, full-color photographs and illustrations throughout bring clinical situations and patient care to life.
  • Nursing theory is used throughout instead of a traditional medical approach, making the material more applicable to nursing practice.
  • Closely models nursing practice and specialities - paediatric, adult and older individuals - demonstrating how to care for patients with wounds from birth to old age.

Table of Contents

1. Assessing the normal and abnormal

2. Assessing and planning individualized care

3. Principles of wound interventions

4. Wound care in the baby and young child

5. Wound care in teenagers

6. Wound care in adults

7. Wound care in the middle-aged individual

8. Wound care in the elderly individual with a pressure sore

9. Wound care in the elderly individual with leg ulceration and malignancy

10. Ways of evaluating care



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About the authors

Sue Bale

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Director of Nursing (R&D), Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, Cwmbran, South Wales, UK

Vanessa Jones

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Lecturer/Education Director, Wound Healing Research Unit, Department of Surgery, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK