Workshop on Mechanisms and Prospects of Genetic Exchange, Berlin, December 11 to 13, 1971

Workshop on Mechanisms and Prospects of Genetic Exchange, Berlin, December 11 to 13, 1971

Advances in the Biosciences

1st Edition - January 1, 1972

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  • Editor: Gerhard Raspé
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483151908

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Advances in the Biosciences 8 is a collection of papers presented in a workshop on “Mechanisms and Prospects of Genetic Exchange”, sponsored by Schering Pharma AG, held in Berlin, Germany in 1972. The book presents various research works from various scientific disciplines in line with the workshop’s theme. The workshop is organized into 3 sessions. Session I: Genetic Exchange at the Molecular Level discusses such topics as enzymology of genetic recombination; studies on transcription and ligation of RNA; and expression and integration of viral DNA in animal cells. Session II: Genetic Exchange at the Cellular and Organelle Level covers topics on germinal cell membranes; application of cell fusion techniques to the study of mammalian embryology; and correction of genetic defects in cultured mammalian cells. The last session, titled “Present and Future Application to Medical Practice” provides the summary and conclusion of the workshop and certain topics on the therapy of genetic diseases in man and the possible place of genetic engineering; and cellular engineering as an approach to the treatment of genetically determined disease. Molecular biologists, geneticists, cell biologists, biophysicists, immunologists and other experts in allied fields will find the compendium interesting.

Table of Contents

  • Opening Address

    I. Genetic Exchange at the Molecular Level

    Introduction to Session I

    Enzymology of Genetic Recombination

    Discussion by: Bodmer, Klingmüller, Radding, Russo and Sinsheimer

    Alternative Modes of Prophage Insertion and Excision

    Discussion by: Hilz, Klingmüller, Sinsheimer, Trautner and Yarmolinsky

    Random Nonhomologous Recombination

    Discussion by: Knippers, Radding and Zipser


    Exchange between Complementary Strands of DNA?

    Discussion by: Hausmann, Hurwitz, Klingmüller, Sinsheimer, Starlinger, Trautner and Yarmolinsky

    The Synthesis of Transfer RNA Genes

    Discussion by: Khorana and Klingmüller

    An Infectious and Replicating RNA of Low Molecular Weight: The Agent of the Exocortis Disease of Citrus

    Studies on Transcription and Ligation of RNA

    Discussion by: Bauer, Duesberg and Hurwitz

    RNA Tumor Virus Replication: Facts and Fancy

    Discussion by: Duesberg, Hill and Sinsheimer

    The Presence of Infectious DNA in Rous Sarcoma Virus Transformed Cells

    Discussion by: Axelrod, Friis, Glick and Hill

    Expression and Integration of Viral DNA in Animal Cells

    Discussion by: Axelrod, Bodmer, Doerfler, Duesberg, Hilz, Hirt, Siniscalco, Sinsheimer and Yarmolinsky

    Interaction of Pseudovirions with Infectious Virions of Papova Viruses in Susceptible Host Cells

    Discussion Axelrod, Bodmer and Sinsheimer

    II. Genetic Exchange at the Cellular and Organelle Level

    Lysolecithin - induced Fusion of Rabbit Spermatozoa with Hamster Somatic Cells

    Logic in Germinal Cell Membranes

    Discussion by: Croce, Duesberg, Ericsson, Fischer, Graham, Hofschneider, Koprowski and Milgrom

    Studies on Genetic Regulation Utilizing Microinjection of Nuclei and DNA into Living Eggs and Oocytes

    Discussion by: Bodmer, Duesberg, v. Ehrenstein, Fischberg, Glick, Hirt, Hurwitz, Lewandowski, Ringertz and Woodland

    Nucleocytoplasmic Interactions and the Control of Nuclear Activity

    Discussion by: Deák, Hirt, Konings, Koprowski, Milgrom, Ringertz and Zipser

    Short Term Interactions in Animal Cell Heterokaryons Leading to Induction of DNA Synthesis and Premature Chromosome Condensation

    Source of Genetic Information of Chloroplast Proteins in Acetabularia

    Discussion by: Graham and Schweiger

    Genetic Manipulation of Mouse Embryos

    Comments on the Application of Cell Fusion Techniques to the Study of Mammalian Embryology

    Discussion by: Duesberg, Fischberg, Graham, Hofschneider, Koprowski and Tarkowski

    Expression of New Antigens

    Discussion by: Bodmer, Milgrom and Siniscalco

    Studies on Malignant Behavior and Antigen Expression in Cell Hybrids

    Discussion by: Bauer, Jaenisch, Klein, Rajewsky, Ruddle and Siniscalco

    New Developments in the Establishment of Gene Linkage Relationships in Man

    Discussion by: Hausen, Klingmüller, Krone and Ruddle

    Correction of Genetic Defects in Cultured Mammalian Cells

    Discussion by: Deák, Fischer, Hotchkiss, Krone, Merril, Milgrom, Ringertz, Ruddle and Siniscalco

    Bacterial Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells

    Discussion by: Bodmer, Glick, Hennig, Hofschneider, Johnson, Klingmüller, Konings, Merril, Migeon, Munyon, Siniscalco and Yarmolinsky

    Transfer of Thymidine Kinase to Cells Lacking this Enzyme by Infection with Ultraviolet Irradiated Herpes Simplex Virus

    Fate of Exogenous DNA in Mammals and Plants

    Discussion by: Glick

    III. Present and Future Application to Medical Practice

    Introduction to Session III

    Some Reflections on Mechanisms and Prospects of Genetic Exchange

    Discussion by: Bodmer, v. Ehrenstein, Hofschneider and Stern

    Therapy of Genetic Diseases in Man and the Possible Place of Genetic Engineering

    Discussion by: Bodmer, Fuhrmann and Passarge

    Eugenic Aspects of Genetic Engineering

    Discussion by: Bodmer, Bresch, Glick, Hausmann, Hofschneider, McClearn, Migeon, Siniscalco, Sinsheimer and Vogel

    Cellular Engineering - An Approach to Treatment of Genetically Determined Disease

    Discussion by: Droege, Good, Hofschneider, Kluge and Siniscalco

    Prematurity and Uniqueness in Scientific Discovery



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  • No. of pages: 488
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1973
  • Published: January 1, 1972
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483151908

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