Working With Serious Mental Illness - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780702027161, 9780702033360

Working With Serious Mental Illness

2nd Edition

A Manual for Clinical Practice

Print ISBN: 9780702027161
eBook ISBN: 9780702033360
Imprint: Bailièrre Tindall
Published Date: 21st November 2005

Table of Contents

Contributors. Introduction. Section 1 - Promoting Understanding of the Manifestations of Serious Mental Illness. 1. Serious Mental Illness: A View from Within. 2. Inside Caring in Mental Health (Lyn Shore). 3. Social Inclusion (Rachel Perkins and Liz Sayce). 4. Stress Vulnerability Model of Serious Mental Illness (Geoff Brennan). 5. An Introduction to and Rationale for Psychosocial Interventions (Helen Healy, David Reader andKenny Midence). Section 2 - Engaging, Assessing and Formulating Care. 6. Building Relationships: Lessons to be Learnt (Catherine Gamble). 7. Severe Mental Illness: Symptoms, Signs and Diagnosis (Tom KJ Craig). 8. Assessments: a Rationalr for Choosing and Using (Catherine Gamble and Geoff Brennan). 9. Consolidating the Assessment Process (Catherine Gamble, Jayne Fox and Paddy Conroy). 10. Assessing Risk (Nigel Wellman). section 3 - Interventions. 11. Dealing with Voices and Strange Thoughts (Jem Mills). 12. Dealing with Blankness and Deadness (Jem Mills, Sue Kerr and sally Goldspink). 13. Working with Families and Informal Carers (Catherine Gamble and Geoff Brennan). 14. Co-existent Substance Use and Pschiatric Disorders (Jood Gibbins and Cheryl Kipping). 15. Working with People with Serious Metal Illness who are Angry (Paul Rogers and Andrew Vidgen). 16. Working with People with Serious Mental Illness at Risk of Offending (Paul Rogers and Andrew Vidgen). 17. Managing Medication (Jacqueline Sin and Cliff Roberts). 18. Cultural Issues (Avie Luthra and Dinesh Bhugra). Section 4 - Considerations for Effective Practice. 19. Ethical Considerations (Paula Morrison). 20. The Tip of the Iceberg (sharon Dennis). 21. Clinical support (Geoff Brennan and Catherine Gamble). Index.


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