Workbooks for Textbook of Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy Package

7th Edition


  • John Lampignano
  • Kenneth Bontrager
    • Print ISBN 9780323054119

    Key Features

    • Questions on anatomy, positioning critique, and evaluation reinforce concepts and help you assess your learning.
    • Situational questions with clinical scenarios challenge you to apply your knowledge to real-life examples.
    • Film critique questions prepare you to evaluate radiograph quality in the clinical setting with questions about improperly positioned photographs.
    • Laboratory exercises provide valuable hands-on learning as you perform radiographs using phantoms to evaluate images and practice positioning.
    • Self-tests at the end of each chapter, with multiple choice, labeling, short answer, and true or false questions, help you evaluate your learning.

    Table of Contents

    Volume 1

    1. General Anatomy, Terminology, and Positioning Principles

    2. Image Quality, Digital Technology, and Radiation Protection

    3. Chest

    4. Abdomen

    5. Upper Limb

    6. Humerus and Shoulder Girdle

    7. Lower Limb

    8. Femur and Pelvic Girdle

    9. Cervical and Thoracic Spine

    10. Lumbar Spine, Sacrum, and Coccyx

    11. Bony Thorax—Sternum and Ribs

    12. Skull and Cranial Bones

    13. Facial Bones and Paranasal Sinuses

    Self-Test Answers

    Volume 2

    14. Biliary Tract and Upper Gastrointestinal System

    15. Lower Gastrointestinal System

    16. Urinary System and Venipuncture

    17. Mammography/Bone Densitometry

    18. Trauma, Mobile, and Surgical Radiography

    19. Pediatric Radiography

    20. Angiography and Interventional Procedures

    21. Computed Tomography

    22. Additional Diagnostic Procedures

    23. Additional Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities

    Self-Test Answers


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