Workbook for Paramedic Practice Today - Volume 2 (Revised Reprint)

1st Edition

Above and Beyond


  • Barbara Aehlert
    • Print ISBN 9780323085380

    Key Features

    • Updated to reflect the 2010 emergency cardiovascular care guidelines.
    • Chapter Objectives serve as a checklist for learning.
    • Multiple question formats include matching, short answer, multiple choice, true/false, labeling, and case studies, testing your knowledge in a number of different ways.
    • Short-answer questions often show your strengths and weaknesses most accurately, because you must think of the answer entirely on your own.
    • Multiple-choice questions prepare you for this popular testing format.
    • Labeling questions help visual learners.
    • Case studies help you integrate your knowledge with real-life situations.
    • Chapter Summaries provide bulleted lists of the main points in the book and serve as a reminder of the material that was covered in Volume 2 of the textbook.
    • An answer key with rationales is included for all of the items in the workbook.
    • A glossary includes key terms from both volumes of the textbook, providing you with a comprehensive quick reference for unfamiliar words.

    Table of Contents

    Volume 2

    Division 7: Special Patient Populations

    35. Obstetrics and Gynecology

    36. Neonatology

    37. Pediatrics

    38. Geriatrics

    39. Abuse and Assault

    40. Patients with Special Challenges

    41. Societal Issues

    42. Care for the Patient with a Chronic Illness

    Division 8: Trauma

    43. Trauma Systems/Mechanism of Injury

    44. Bleeding

    45. Soft Tissue Trauma

    46. Burns

    47. Head and Face Trauma

    48. Spinal Trauma

    49. Thoracic Trauma

    50. Abdominal Trauma

    51. Musculoskeletal Trauma

    52. Environmental Conditions

    53. Farm Rescue

    54. Wilderness EMS

    Division 9: Putting It All Together

    55. Assessment-Based Management

    56. Clinical Decision Making

    57. Air and Ground Critical Care Transport

    Division 10: Operations

    58. Access and Response

    59. Crime Scene Operations

    60. Dispatch Activities

    61. Emergency Vehicle Operations

    62. EMS Operations Command and Control

    63. Extrication/Rescue

    64. Hazmat

    65. Tactical EMS

    Division 11: Disaster and Domestic Preparedness Issues (WMD)

    66. Disaster and Domestic Preparedness (WMD)


    A. Answer Key

    B. NREMT Skills Sheets


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