With its three previous best-selling editions, Wine Science has proven to be an extensive account of the three central tenets of wine science: grape cultivation, wine production, and wine assessment. This fourth edition presents the latest updates on current wine production methods in a framework that explains the use, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of alternate procedures. Ronald Jackson's wealth of experience is matched by his ability to effectively communicate, making this book ideal for those seriously interested in the science of wine as well as professionals, professors and students.

Key Features

New to this edition:

  • Expanded coverage of micro-oxidation and the cool prefermentative maceration of red grapes
  • The nature of the weak fixation of aromatic compounds in wine – and the significance of their release upon bottle opening
  • New insights into flavor modification post bottle
  • Shelf-life of wine as part of wine aging
  • Winery wastewater management

Updated topics including:

  • Precision viticulture, including GPS potentialities
  • Organic matter in soil
  • Grapevine pests and disease
  • History of wine production technology


Grape growers, fermentation technologists; students of enology and viticulture, enologists, viticulturalists

Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction
    • Grapevine and Wine Origin
    • Commercial Importance of Grapes and Wine
    • Wine Classification
    • Wine Quality
    • Health-Related Aspects of Wine Consumption
    • Suggested Reading
    • References
  • 2. Grape Species and Varieties
    • Introduction
    • The Genus Vitis
    • Geographic Origin and Distribution of Vitis and Vitis vinifera
    • Domestication of Vitis vinifera
    • Cultivar Origins
    • Recorded Cultivar Development
    • Grapevine Improvement
    • Suggested Reading
    • References
  • 3. Grapevine Structure and Function
    • Structure and Function
    • Reproductive Structure and Development
    • Suggested Reading
    • Root System
    • Shoot System
    • Photosynthesis and Transpiration
    • Reproductive System
    • Berry Maturation
    • Factors Affecting Berry Maturation
    • References
  • 4. Vineyard Practice
    • Vine Cycle and Vineyard Activity
    • Management of Vine Growth
    • Rootstock
    • Vine Propagation and Grafting
    • Irrigation
    • Fertilization
    • Disease, Pest, and Weed Management
    • Harvesting
    • Suggested Reading
    • References
  • 5. Site Selection and Climate
    • Soil Influences
    • Topographic Influences
    • Atmospheric Influences
    • Suggested Reading
    • References
  • 6. Chemical Constituents of Grapes and Wine
    • Introduction
    • Overview of Chemical Functional Groups
    • Chemical Constituents
    • Chemical Nature of Varietal Aromas
    • Appendix 6.1
    • Appendix 6.2
    • Appendix 6.3
    • Suggested Reading
    • References
  • 7. Fermentation
    • Basic Procedu


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The OIV Jury Award, Encyclopedia Category: L'Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin, Wine Science: Principles and Applications, 4th Edition, Ronald Jackson


"This is my bible because nobody gets close to Jackson in broadening the science of wine without diluting it, extending this vast and diverse subject back to the origin of vines and forward to wine laws, geographic origin, terroir, sensory perception and health issues." --Tom Stevenson