Williams Textbook of Endocrinology - 11th Edition - ISBN: 9781416029113, 9781437721812

Williams Textbook of Endocrinology

11th Edition

Editors: Shlomo Melmed Kenneth Polonsky P. Reed Larsen
Authors: Henry Kronenberg
eBook ISBN: 9781437721812
Imprint: Saunders
Published Date: 23rd October 2007
Page Count: 1936

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In your complex and dynamic field, it can be a struggle to continually integrate the latest scientific and clinical information into your everyday patient care. The 11th Edition of this beloved reference is the solution! Leading authorities provide just the right blend of scientific insight and clinical know-how to help you overcome any clinical challenge. A new full-color, extremely user-friendly format makes reference a snap. And, full-text online access lets you search the contents rapidly from any computer!

Key Features

  • Chapters bridge the gap between basic science and clinical applications, providing the right context for optimal diagnosis and treatment.
  • Chapters by the leading authorities in endocrinology equip you with authoritative opinions on any challenge you face.

Table of Contents

Section I: Hormones and Hormone Action

Chapter 1: Principles of Endocrinology—H. Kronenberg/S. Melmed/K. Polonsky/P. Larsen

Chapter 2: The Endocrine Patient—D. Federman

Chapter 3: Genetic Control of Peptide Hormone Formation—J. Habener

Chapter 4: Mechanism of Action of Hormones that Act on Nuclear Receptors—M. Lazar

Chapter 5: Mechanism of Action of Hormones that Act at the Cell Surface—A. Spiegel/C. Su/S. Taylor

Chapter 6: Laboratory Techniques for Recognition of Endocrine Disorders—G. Klee

Section II: Hypothalamus and Pituitary

Chapter 7: (Classic) Neuroendocrinology—M. Low

Chapter 8: Anterior Pituitary—S. Melmed/D. Kleinberg

Chapter 9: Posterior Pituitary—A. Robinson

Section III: Thyroid

Chapter 10: Thyroid Physiology and Diagnostic Evaluation of Patients with Thyroid Disorders—P. Larsen/T. Davies/M. Schlumberger/I. Hay

Chapter 11: Thyrotoxicosis—T. Davies/P. Larsen

Chapter 12: Hypothyroidism and Thyroiditis—G. Brent/T. Davies/P. Larsen

Chapter 13: Nontoxic Goiter and Thyroid Neoplasia—M. Schlumberger/I. Hay/S. Filetti

Section IV: Adrenal Cortex and Endocrine Hypertension

Chapter 14: The Adrenal Cortex—P. Stewart

Chapter 15: Endocrine Hypertension—W. Young

Section V: Reproduction

Chapter 16: The Physiology and Pathology of the Female Reproductive Axis—S. Bulun/Y. Adashi

Chapter 17: Fertility Control: Current Approaches and Global Aspects—M. Kafrissen/E. Adashi/P. Darney

Chapter 18: Disorders of the Testes and the Male Reproductive Tract—S. Bhasin

Chapter 19: Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women—S. Bhasin/W. Hellstrom/R. Rosen

Section VI: Endocrinology and the Life Span

Chapter 20: Endocrine Changes in Pregnancy—G. Braunstein

Chapter 21: Endocrinology of Fetal Development—D. Fisher

Chapter 22: Disorders of Sex Differentiation—I. Hughes

Chapter 23: Normal and Aberrant Growth—E. Reiter/R. Rosenfeld

Chapter 24: Puberty: Ontogeny, Neuroendocrinology, Physiology, and Disorders—D. Styne/M. Grumbach

Chapter 25: Hormones and Athletic Performance—C. Strasburger/E. Ghigo/F. Lanfranco

Chapter 26: Endocrinology of Aging—S. Lamberts

Section VII: Mineral Metabolism

Chapter 27: Hormones and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism—F. Bringhurst/M. Demay/H. Kronenberg

Chapter 28: Metabolic Bone Disease—L. Raisz/B. Kream/J. Lorenzo

Chapter 29: Kidney Stones—R. Monk/D. Bushinsky

Section VIII: Disorders of Carbohydrates and Metabolism

Chapter 30: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus—J. Buse/K. Polonsky/C. Burant

Chapter 31: Type 1 Diabetes—G. Eisenbarth/K. Polonsky/J. Buse

Chapter 32: Complications of Diabetes Mellitus—M. Brownlee

Chapter 33: Glucose Homeostasis and Hypoglycemia—P. Cryer

Section IX: Body Fat and Lipid Metabolism

Chapter 34: Neuroendocrine Control of Appetite and Body Weight—J. Elmquist/R.

Chapter 35: Obesity—S. Klein

Chapter 36: Disorders of Lipid Metabolism—R. Mahley

Chapter 37: Endocrinology of HIV/AIDS—Grinspoon

Chapter 38: Gastrointestinal Hormonal Disorders—D. Drucker

Section X: Polyendocrine Disorders

Chapter 39: Pathogenesis of Endocrine Tumors—A. Arnold

Chapter 40: Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia—R. Gagel/S. Marx

Chapter 41: Immunoendocrinopathy Syndromes—G. Eisenbarth/P. Gottlieb/Barker

Section XI: Paraendocrine and Neoplastic Syndromes

Chapter 42: Endocrine-Responsive Cancer—R. Santen

Chapter 43: Hormonal Manifestations of Malignancy—G. Strewler

Chapter 44: Carcinoid Tumors, Carcinoid Syndrome and Related Disorders—K. Qberg


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About the Editor

Shlomo Melmed

Dr. Melmed co-edits Endocrinology: Basic and Clinical Principles, is the Neuroendocrine Section Editor for DeGroot and Jameson's Textbook of Endocrinology, and Williams Textbook of Endocrinology; and is pituitary section author for Harrison's Textbook of Medicine. In addition to being the Editor-in-Chief of Pituitary, he is on the editorial board of Journal of Clinical Investigation and past Editor-in-Chief of Endocrinology.

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Medicine, Senior Vice President and Dean of the Medical Faculty, Cedars Sinai Health System, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Kenneth Polonsky

Affiliations and Expertise

Richard T. Crane Distinguished Service Professor, Dean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

P. Reed Larsen

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Senior Physician, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

About the Author

Henry Kronenberg

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Chief, Endocrine Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts