Wild Dogs

Wild Dogs

The Natural History of the Nondomestic Canidae

1st Edition - November 14, 1991

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  • Author: Jennifer W. Sheldon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483263694

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Wild Dogs: The Natural History of the Nondomestic Canidae presents a comprehensive, current natural history of the nondomestic dog species. In this book, a prodigious amount of previously uncollected information is presented in a straightforward form. The organization of the book is alphabetical by genus, and, within each genus, alphabetically by Linnean species name. In some cases, very little is known about a species. In other cases, the amount of available information is enormous, and has been distilled to summary form. The volume is intended as a straightforward assemblage of material. It points the way toward, but is not intended to provide, a synthetic or theoretical big picture. The book is intended as a general reference work. Biologists, wildlife managers, mammalogists, conservationists, students, and carnivore specialists will find here information assembled nowhere else. Over 600 sources are included in the bibliography, so the book also serves as an entry to the literature for those seeking more technical or specialized knowledge. Naturalists and outdoorsmen will also enjoy discovering the particulars of familiar and unfamiliar canid species.

Table of Contents

  • Preface


    A Note on Taxonomy

    Chapter 1 Genus Alopex

    Alopex lagopus: Arctic Fox

    Chapter 2 Genus Atelocynus

    Atelocynus microtis: Small-Eared Dog

    Chapter 3 Genus Canis

    Canis adustus: Side-Striped Jackal

    Canis aureus: Golden Jackal

    Canis latrans: Coyote

    Canis lupus: Gray Wolf

    Canis mesomelas: Black-Backed Jackal

    Canis rufus: Red Wolf

    Canis simensis: Ethiopian Jackal

    Chapter 4 Genus Cerdocyon

    Cerdocyon thous: Crab-Eating Fox

    Chapter 5 Genus Chrysocyon

    Chrysocyon brachyurus: Maned Wolf

    Chapter 6 Genus Cuon

    Cuon alpinus: Dhole

    Chapter 7 Genus Dusicyon

    Dusicyon australis: Falkland Island Wolf

    Chapter 8 Genus Fennecus

    Fennecus zerda: Fennec Fox

    Chapter 9 Genus Lycaon

    Lycaon pictus: African Wild Dog

    Chapter 10 Genus Nyctereutes

    Nyctereutes procyonoides: Raccoon Dog

    Chapter 11 Genus Otocyon

    Otocyon megalotis: Bat-Eared Fox

    Chapter 12 Genus Pseudalopex

    Pseudalopex culpaeus: Culpeo

    Pseudalopex griseus: Chilla

    Pseudalopex gymnocercus: Pampas Fox

    Pseudalopex sechurae: Sechura Fox

    Pseudalopex vetulus: Hoary Fox

    Chapter 13 Genus Speothos

    Speothos venaticus: Bush Dog

    Chapter 14 Genus Urocyon

    Urocyon cinereoargenteus: Gray Fox

    Urocyon littoralis: Island Gray Fox

    Chapter 15 Genus Vulpes

    Vulpes bengalensis: Bengal Fox

    Vulpes cana: Blanford's Fox

    Vulpes chama: Cape Fox

    Vulpes corsac: Corsac Fox

    Vulpes ferrilata: Tibetan Sand Fox

    Vulpes macrotis: Kit Fox

    Vulpes pallida: Pale Fox

    Vulpes rüppelli: Rüppell's Fox

    Vulpes velox: Swift Fox

    Vulpes vulpes: Red Fox



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  • No. of pages: 258
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1991
  • Published: November 14, 1991
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483263694

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Jennifer W. Sheldon

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