Wetland Systems to Control Urban Runoff integrates natural and constructed wetlands, and sustainable drainage techniques into traditional water and wastewater systems used to treat surface runoff and associated diffuse pollution. The first part of the text introduces the fundamentals of water quality management, and water and wastewater treatment. The remaining focus of the text is on reviewing treatment technologies, disinfection issues, sludge treatment and disposal options, and current case studies related to constructed wetlands applied for runoff and diffuse pollution treatment. Professionals and students will be interested in the detailed design, operation, management, process control and water quality monitoring and applied modeling issues.

Key Features

* Contains a comprehensive collection of timely, novel and innovative research case studies in the area of wetland systems applied for the treatment of urban runoff * Demonstrates to practitioners how natural and constructed wetland systems can be integrated into traditional wastewater systems, which are predominantly applied for the treatment of surface runoff and diffuse pollution * Assesses the design, operation, management and water treatment performance of sustainable urban drainage systems including constructed wetlands


Professionals, researchers, and upper division undergraduate and graduate level students in the water and environmental engineering, science and management areas, as well as in the wastewater industry.

Table of Contents

1 Water Quality Standards 2 Water Treatment 3 Sewage Treatment 4 Organic Effluent 5 Stream Pollution and Effluent Standards 6 Preliminary Treatment 7 Primary Treatment 8 Theory of Settling 9 Coagulation and Flocculation 10 Sludge Blanket Clarifiers 11 Flotation System 12 Slow Filtration 13 Rapid Filtration 14 Biological Treatment 15 Biological Filtration 16 Constructed Wetlands 17 Rotating Biological Contactors 18 Activated Sludge Processes 19 Iron and Manganese Removal 20 Water Softening 21 Water Microbiology 22 Disinfection 23 Sludge Treatment and Disposal 24 Wetlands Treating Contaminated Stream Water 25 Wetland Systems to Control Roof Runoff 26 Wetlands Treating Road Runoff 28 Modelling of Constructed Wetland Performance 29 Infiltration Wetland Systems 30 Sustainable Urban Drainage System Model 31 Natural Wetlands Treating Diffuse Pollution References Index


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